the ephemerality of the Superbowl halo

 super bowl commercials lead to 20+% of Google’s top 100 searches

Day 1 – 20 of 100 related to ads

Day 2 – 6 of 100 

Day 3 – 1 of 100

Day 4 – ZERO


Denny’s took top honors, securing 3 of the top 20 searches. Vizio also took 3 of the top 100. the search halo from TV is well documented. Modern consumers want to and need to do more research. The total reach can be calculated from the  estimated 147 million people who watched the superbowl plus the search volume of each of the top search terms. 





By the day after, the number of commercials still being searched for dropped to 6 of the top 100. But Denny’s still took 2 of the top 100, Jack in the box too another 2. Vizio 1 and Godaddy 1. 




the traffic does see a lift. But since we dont have comScore’s March numbers yet, the following graph does not show the drop back to “normal” levels.  In the case of godaddy,which also did a superbowl ad in Feb 08, you can see the traffic to the website dropping back down by March 08. 


Superbowl porn  super bowl porn — accidental clip of porn shown during prime time due to technical glitch or hackers?

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By: Dr. Augustine Fou Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009 digital, marketing

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