Does This Zip-Together Chair Bend the Laws Of Physics?At first glance Igor Lobanov’s Wormhole chair looks like an impossible object that could only exist as a computer physics simulation. But once you wrap your head around its zip-together design, it not only seems plausible, but also pretty genius.

Each chair is composed of two flat, but rounded, frame pieces that each fold into a C-shape and completely zip together. So they end up creating a self-supporting place to sit that looks like someone has torn a wormhole into another dimension. It won a much-deserved Red Dot design award, but is sadly still just a concept waiting for an unnamed yet popular Swedish maker of flat-pack furniture to license the design. [Igor Lobanov via Core77]

Does This Zip-Together Chair Bend the Laws Of Physics?
Does This Zip-Together Chair Bend the Laws Of Physics?

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By: Dr. Augustine Fou Sunday, March 11th, 2012 news

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