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More are buying ads on Facebook, even as the number of marketers using Facebook is plateauing

Facebook has made a big push to enhance its advertising opportunities by rolling out both mobile ads and the Facebook Exchange (FBX) ad-buying platform—two of the social giant’s most high-profile efforts to increase ad revenue. Now that both mobile ads and Facebook Exchange (FBX) have been around for a little while, marketers are beginning to assess their efficacy.

When it comes to Facebook ads on mobile vs. desktop, the results seem to be moving in mobile’s favor. In a September 2013 survey by RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age, 35% of US marketers found the return on investment (ROI) from mobile at least somewhat greater than from desktop. That’s compared to a lesser 27% who rated desktop’s ROI as better. The remaining 38% of respondents saw mobile and desktop Facebook ads as offering about the same ROI.

While mobile Facebook ads are intended to reach the fast-rising share of social users who access via mobile, the rollout of FBX was the company’s effort to help advertisers capitalize on the targeting potential of Facebook, by allowing advertisers to serve ads based on users’ web-browsing behavior. Although FBX isn’t widespread yet—the study found 18% of marketers had used the platform in September—advertisers who have purchased through FBX seem reasonably happy with the results.

The number of respondents who said FBX was very effective for their ad ca! mpaigns rose from 11% in January 2013 to 20% in September 2013. In total, 87% found FBX at least somewhat effective as of September.

By: Dr. Augustine Fou Thursday, September 26th, 2013 news

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