Search Retargeting Moves Beyond Revenue Goals


ChangoDigiday-Primary-Search-Retargeting-Goals-Oct2013While site retargeting remains the most common retargeting tactic, search retargeting isn’t far behind, leveraged by a strong majority of media buyers responding to a Q4 survey conducted [download page] by Chango and Digiday. The study indicates that while search targeting has previously been used primarily for revenue generation, agencies and brands are now using it for a wider variety of goals. In fact, a plurality 34.9% now count increased brand awareness as their primary search retargeting goal.


The next-most common search retargeting goal is increased brand revenue (23.1%), followed by acquiring new customers (10.9%) and increasing on-site engagement (10.9%).

Site retargeting goals are prioritized very differently by the media buyers polled across the US, Canada and the UK. Brand revenue and new customers are each considered the primary goal by 33.2% of respondents, although acquiring new customers is by far the primary goal among brand respondents (47.8%). While on-site engagement is a greater site retargeting goal than brand awareness (16% vs. 11.8%) on average, brand respondents are far less concerned with on-site engagement than agencies.

Integration with other marketing initiatives counts as the main challenge of using both search and site retargeting, with lack of transparency the second-most cited challenge for both tactics.

Asked where their retargeting budgets come from, respondents most commonly cited other display channels and tactics (34.1%), while about 1 in 5 said retargeting has its own budget (21.4%). Overall, about half of the respondents will increase their site, search and FBX retargeting budgets.

By: Dr. Augustine Fou Thursday, October 31st, 2013 news

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