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till, 13% is a lot in absolute terms. That means almost one in eight ad impressions is fraudulent. ”It’s still at an unacceptable rate,” Knoll says. That said, he thinks that, like click fraud in search advertising, it will never go away because it’s a constant game of cat and mouse. What’s more, advertisers and publishers often turn a blind eye, since each can benefit from fake ad impressions–publishers because they get paid per impression fraudulent or real, and advertisers because they often want to fulfill a certain volume of impressions they want for a particular campaign.


Another metric advertisers and publishers are interested in is whether an ad was viewed. That also has improved, though much less. Some 66% of ads placed placed directly with websites were “in view”–that is, at least half the ad was visible for one second or more–which was five percentage points better than six months ago. About 51% of ads placed through ad networks were viewable, while 47% of ads bought through ad exchanges were viewable.

By: Dr. Augustine Fou Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 news

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