drag2share: Is time spent a better metric than pageviews? Upworthy says it is, and open-sources its code for attention minutesTrying to measure actual reader attention

source: http://gigaom.com/2014/06/23/is-time-spent-a-better-metric-than-pageviews-upworthy-says-it-is-and-open-sources-its-code-for-attention-minutes/

Trying to measure actual reader attention

So Upworthy and Chartbeat both have their own metrics: Upworthy calls its version “attention minutes” and Chartbeat calls its measurement “engaged time.” Although they use somewhat different methods, both track how far readers get through a page of content or a video before they click away, and use other signals to determine whether a page is simply open in a tab or whether the reader is actually involved in reading or watching the content. Interestingly enough, Upworthy says that Twitter does very well as a source when measured by total visitors, but somewhat less so when measured by actual engaged time or attention minutes.

Upworthy attention minutes

Other sites such as YouTube, Medium and the Financial Times also focus on total time spent rather than just measuring page loads or unique visitors — and Medium said recently that it has even started compensating some of its writers based on the amount of time readers spend with their story. But not everyone believes that “time spent” is an effective metric: Gawker editorial director Joel Johnson, for example, told BuzzFeed recently that he would rather measure user satisfaction rather than just the amount of time they spent on a page:

“Perhaps someday, but that’s cart before horse, really; what we want to measure is user engagement through satisfaction. Maybe time-on-page will be part of that, maybe not.

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