What Users Value in the Website Experience (Hint: Performance)

source: http://www.marketingcharts.com/wp/online/what-users-value-in-the-website-experience-hint-performance-44418/?utm_campaign=rssfeed&utm_source=mc&utm_medium=textlink


Given that about 4 in 10 respondents would be willing to wait 3-5 seconds, the results suggest that about 6 in 10 overall are willing to wait up to 5 seconds, but no longer.

However, users appear to be more patient with the mobile web experience: while 41% of respondents expect equally fast page loads on mobile and desktop, a plurality 44% are in fact willing to wait longer for a page to load on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop. That’s an important result, since a significant proportion of respondents report often accessing websites via smartphones – including roughly one-third who say they do so “most of the time.”

Nevertheless, the importance of website performance is brought to light when considering the inclination to abandon a website in favor of a competitor’s. Some 37% agreed that when they shop online, they leave a page and buy the product from a competitor if they have to wait too long for the page to load – not good news given slowing website load speeds among the Alexa 500. Meanwhile, an equal 37% of respondents said they would not leave a slow-loading e-commerce p! age; the remainder were unsure.

By: Dr. Augustine Fou Thursday, July 31st, 2014 news

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