Social Ads Continue to Efficiently Reach New Audiences


NeustarAK-Media-Spend-Efficiency-Comparison-in-Q2-Aug2014Social ads continue to outperform portals, networks, and exchanges in cost-effectively reaching new and exclusive audiences, although the data may be skewed by social users who use private browsing, details Neustar Aggregate Knowledge in its latest quarterly “Media Intelligence Report” [download page] covering Q2 activity. The study reveals that social ads performed 167% better than the 4-channel average in reaching new and exclusive users at a low cost. (The potential data skew would be the result of users accessing social on multiple platforms and devices and via private browsing; Neustar explains that each time a user accesses social in a private browser, they appear as a new cookie, or user.)

Social ads were also effective in reaching quality users – those that can be targeted consistently. While social trailed exchanges in the “user quality index,” it remained above the 4-channel average due to! an incr ease in both impressions and the frequency of ads being shown to the same users.

Additionally, the study shows that social ads remain a bargain, being 70% cheaper than average in Neustar’s “cost index,” which measures a channel’s ability to drive impressions, clicks and conversions at a low cost.

Separately, the report notes the considerable impact of leveraging CRM data in advertising campaigns. In its analysis of data from clients in 3 verticals, Neustar reveals that those using offline, first-party CRM data to target advertising performed:

  • 19 times better than the advertiser average in the telecommunications vertical;
  • 55 times better than the advertiser average in the retail vertical; and
  • 98 times better than the advertiser average in the entertainment vertical.

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By: Dr. Augustine Fou Thursday, August 28th, 2014 news

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