Where Do Digital Channels Have Most of Their Impact on the Path to Purchase?

source: http://www.marketingcharts.com/online/where-do-digital-channels-have-most-of-their-impact-on-the-path-to-purchase-45714/?utm_campaign=rssfeed&utm_source=mc&utm_medium=textlink

AOLAdvertising-Digital-Channel-Impact-on-Path-to-Purchase-Setp2014While digital marketing channels tend to serve mostly as a middle touchpoint in a consumer’s path to purchase, the extent to which they raise awareness or act as a final touch varies by channel, according to a new report [download page] by AOL Advertising. The study – which used recently-acquired Convertro’s multi-touch attribution technology to analyze its client base in Q1 2014 – contains a host of intriguing data pertaining not only to the role of various channels – but to differences within those channels, also.

In the analysis of 6 digital channels – affiliate, social, email, display, non-brand search, and brand search – the study finds that each see a majority share of their impact come in the “middle” of the conversion path. Even so, there are significant discrepancies in the impact each has at different points:

  • Display and social are ! the most likely to serve as a middle touchpoint, mirroring results from a similar Google study;
  • Brand and non-brand search are the channels most likely to be used as the only touch points in a sales conversion;
  • Affiliate and brand search are weighted more towards a last-touch impact than any other channel analyzed; and
  • Brand and non-brand search have more of a first-touch impact than the other channels.

In short, display and social tend to be used most during the awareness and consideration stage, brand search is skewed more towards the initial stage than other channels, and the affiliate channels is tilted more towards the last point of the funnel than the other channels.

Although social media had by far the greatest amount of impact in the middle of the purchase journey, the extent to which that was the case differed considerably by network Indeed, YouTube outperformed the other networks in introducing new products (18% of overall impact) and fueling conversions (14% of overall impact). It was also the most likely to be used as the only touchpoint in a conversion path. (It’s worth noting that this particular analysis included both paid and organic advertising.)


Facebook was next in each of those three categories – being the only touchpoint, the first touchpoint, and the last touchpoint. And of the 7! network s analyzed, LinkedIn was the least likely to act as a conversion point, while Twitter was the least likely to introduce new products.

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By: Dr. Augustine Fou Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 news

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