drag2share: LinkedIn sees jump in referral traffic to publishers after app redesign

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LinkedIn’s share of referral traffic to publishers has skyrocketed after it redesigned its mobile app in December, according to Parsely data shared with BI Intelligence. The data, which tracks traffic sources for nearly 400 digital publishers including Conde Nast, Reuters, The Atlantic, and The New York Times, reveals that LinkedIn jumped from 0.06% of total referral traffic at the end of November 2015 — right before the rollout of the mobile app redesign — to nearly 0.20% at the beginning of January.

While LinkedIn’s share of publishers’ referral traffic still pales in comparison to other social sources — Facebook commands 40% of total referral traffic, according to Parsely — its increase signals that the platform’s efforts to become a distribution channel for publishers are paying off, at least slowly.

The recent surge in referral traffic may come as a surprise to many publishers for two reasons:

  • Its install base is growing, but it remains fairly small. While LinkedIn’s Pulse app grew its US user base 1260% from July to December 2015, its audience is still fairly small, according to data from SimilarWeb shared with BI Intelligence. LinkedIn Pulse is installed only on 0.13% of Android devices in the US, while LinkedIn’s app is installed on 6.5%. 
  • User engagement on the apps actually fell in 2015. The number of daily active users (DAU) in both the LinkedIn and Pulse app dropped dramatically in 2015. LinkedIn DAU decreased 20% from July to December 2015, while Pulse’s DAU halved during that period, according to data from SimilarWeb shared with BI Intelligence.  

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