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LinkedIn’s Massive Opportunity In The Social Recruiting Market

Source: https://intelligence.businessinsider.com/welcome

LinkedIn’s revenue from Talent Solutions is growing at a faster rate than Premium Subscriptions and Marketing Solutions, according to quarterly earnings.

Talent Solutions — which are hiring tools that LinkedIn sells to recruiters — accounted for 48% (or $58.6 million) of the company’s total revenue in the second quarter of 2011. In the second quarter of 2013, Talent Solutions brought in 56% (or $205.1 million) of total revenue.

For comparison, Marketing Solutions — which includes ad space sold by LinkedIn — accounted for 32% (or $38.6 million) of total revenue two years ago, but just 23.5% (or $85.6 million) today.

Meanwhile, Facebook just reported its best quarter yet in terms of ad revenue.

LinkedIn stated in one of its investor presentations that the addressable market size for worldwide talent acquisition and staffing services is $27 billion. Keep in mind, this number includes revenues from recruitment agencies, but if LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions become ubiquitous in that industry, it gives you a sense of the demand for social media-based recruiting tools.

Revenue generated from Premium Subscriptions has grown steadily, but has not fluctuated from its 20% stake in total revenue.

Download the chart and data in Excel.

BII linkedin revenue sources


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Is Yahoo’s Digital Audience Now Bigger Than Google’s?

source: http://www.marketingcharts.com/wp/interactive/is-yahoos-digital-audience-now-bigger-than-googles-36101/?utm_campaign=rssfeed&utm_source=mc&utm_medium=textlink

comScore-Top-10-US-Web-Properties-Jul-v-Jun2013-Aug2013A couple of months ago, comScore’s Media Metrix data showed Yahoo closing the gap with Google as the US’ top web property, a development noted here. Now the latest Media Metrix data is out, and it appears that Yahoo! Sites has overtaken Google! Sites as the top web property, with 196.6 million unique visitors in July for the former, compared to 192.3 million for the latter. It must be noted, though, that these numbers do not take into account mobile-only visitors.

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drag2share: The New #1 PC Maker In The World Actually Sold More Smartphones And Tablets Than PCs

source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/businessinsider/~3/Dv02hE-ou18/lenovo-sells-more-smartphones-and-tablets-2013-8

BII Internet Device Shipments

Lenovo Sold More Smartphones And Tablets Than PCs (Engadget)
Lenovo became the top-ranked PC maker in the world for the first time last quarter after selling about 12.6 million computers. But, it actually sold more smartphones and tablets than it did PCs last quarter. Its mobile device sales combined for 41% overall growth in sales since last yea

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QR Code Scanner Age and Gender Breakdowns in Q2

source: http://www.marketingcharts.com/wp/interactive/qr-code-scanner-age-and-gender-demographics-in-q2-35509/?utm_campaign=rssfeed&utm_source=mc&utm_medium=textlink

ScanLife-QR-Code-Scanner-Gender-Splits-Aug2013ScanLife is out with its latest quarterly Mobile Barcode Trend Report [pdf] in which it reports 4 million new users around the world and 6 million active scanners, impressive figures even as research suggests that within the US the amount of scanners isn’t keeping up with the growth in smartphone penetration. Nevertheless, ScanLife’s latest study reveals some interesting demographic breakdowns of the barcode scanner.

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CHART OF THE DAY: What The Heck Happened To Apple’s iPad Business? (AAPL)

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/chart-of-the-day-what-the-heck-happened-to-apples-ipad-business-2013-7

Apple’s iPad business, which is supposed to be its second mega-business, has already hit the wall as far as growth is concerned.

Last quarter, Apple reported sales of 14.6 million units, a 14% drop on a year-over-year basis. On the company’s earnings call, Apple’s execs said that if you look at the actual sell through of the iPad, and factor in channel inventory changes, then it was down 3%.

Part of the reason the iPad business fell is that Apple didn’t roll out a new version of the iPad last quarter. In the June 2012 quarter, it was introduced the high-resolution iPad which boosted sales. With no new model of the iPad, sales lagged in comparison.

However, last year Apple wasn’t selling the iPad Mini. The $329 iPad Mini should have provided enough of a lift to offset the lack of a new iPad model.

This isn’t just a one-off bad quarter. If you look at the trend, you can see that growth is in a general nose dive for the iPad. Analyst Gene Munster says the reason the iPad business is weaker than expected is that the market is “becoming more price sensitive than we previously expected.” In other words, consumers are buying cheaper tablets from Apple’s rivals.

For why that’s troubling for Apple, check out Henry Blodget’s take here…

ipad chart of the day


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Google+ Surpasses Twitter On PCs, But Can It Catch LinkedIn?

Source: https://intelligence.businessinsider.com/welcome

LinkedIn is consolidating its position as the second-largest social media platform among U.S. PC users.

The latest data, from comScore for June 2013, puts the site’s unique monthly visitors at 50.6 million.

In the 12 months to June 2013, this audience grew 28%.

Google+ grew 26.1% in the same period, surpassing Twitter as the third-largest social media platform.

All these numbers are impressive considering that they are desktop-only. It may be that some or all of these networks would be growing even faster once mobile users are accounted for.

But, will Google+ catch LinkedIn on the desktop? Based on its current trajectory, it appears not.

Google+ experienced rapid adoption and growth early in its existence, but it slowed down dramatically in the middle of 2012.

Google+ saw 173% PC-based growth from its July 2011 launch through December 2011, and 61% growth in the first six months of 2012. But then it had only 6% growth in the last six months of 2012, and 7% growth from January 2013 through June 2013

Unless Google+ growth speeds up again, it’s not going to get within reach of LinkedIn.

Download the chart and data in Excel. 

BII social desktop visitors comscore


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Microsoft Stock Is Up 8% So Far This Year, And Windows Phone Sales Aren’t Horrible (MSFT, NOK)

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-stock-is-up-8-so-far-this-year-and-windows-phone-sales-arent-horrible-2013-4

There are two pieces of good news for Microsoft out this morning.

The first is that, hello, Microsoft stock is up 8% so far this year.

The second is that Nokia reported decent sales of its Lumia smartphones, which are powered by Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

Nokia reported Lumia sales of 5.6 million units last quarter – right in line with estimates.

Asymco analyst Horace Dediu made a chart showing that, thanks to the Windows Phones, Nokia smartphone sales may have finally “bottomed” after years of decline.

nokis martphones

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Justin Bieber Has the Fakest Twitter Followers

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5994569/justin-bieber-has-the-fakest-twitter-followers

Justin Bieber Has the Fakest Twitter FollowersNot to enrage the Bieber Nation or Beliebers or whatever Bieberian name tweens and post-tweens call themselves now, but it looks like a lot of the people who follow him on Twitter are fake. In fact, he has the highest number of fakeout Twitter followers out of the top 10 Twitter accounts. 16.7 million accounts are fake! 2.6 million are inactive! Those numbers are ridiculous.

Bieber has 17.8 million real followers (a lot! but certainly a lot different from his listed 37.2 million followers) which puts him in second place in Twitter popularity behind Lady Gaga, who has 19 million real followers. The fake stats were found by Statista using the Socialbakers tool which weeds out fake accounts by looking at their tweets to see if they include spamworthy words like “diet”, “make money” and “work from home”. It’s not too surprising that all these popular stars have so many fake followers (Et tu, Barack?) because massive popularity is a magnet for spam leeches. [Statista via BBC]

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1 Million Fewer American Households Watched TV Last Year

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/1-million-fewer-american-households-watched-tv-last-year-2013-2

Nielsen last week took a symbolic step toward helping the biz monetize TV viewing done via the Internet. But reaction to the ratings service’s decision to add Internet-connected TV sets to its formal definition of a “TV household” was muted among execs because it addresses only part of the vexing measurement challenges facing traditional TV nets.

Nielsen had been grappling with adjusting the definition in order to count homes that only receive programming via broadband connections as part of the universe of TV homes. The decision unveiled to TV and advertising execs on Thursday had been expected (Daily Variety, Jan. 10).

New definition doesn’t encompass homes where viewers only receive TV via tablets and smartphones.

Underscoring the shift in behavior, Nielsen’s estimate of the number of U.S. TV households has dropped in recent years, sliding from 115.9 million in 2011 to 114.6 million in 2012.

And some can be attributed to cord-cutting and “cord nevers,” or the rise in the number of younger viewers who rely on Internet-delivered sources and have never subscribed to cable, satellite or telco service.

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up 22 percent thanks to smart TVs and other new markets

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/10/23/arm-q3-2012-financials/

ARM posts healthy Q3 profits up 22 percent thanks to 'inroads' into new markets

UK chip designer ARM has just revealed its accounts for Q3 2012 and they show a familiar pattern: namely, a double-digit rise in both revenue (up 20 percent to £144.6 million) and pre-tax earnings (up 22 percent to £68.1 million).


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ARM posts healthy Q3 profits: up 22 percent thanks to smart TVs and other new markets originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 23 Oct 2012 03:00:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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