Consumers Say They’re OK With Companies Proactively Contacting Them About Service Issues


InContact-Consumer-Attitudes-Proactive-Customer-Service-Sept201387% of US adults are happy to be contacted proactively by companies regarding customer service issues, says inContact in new survey results. The survey suggests that consumers are most open to being called about fraudulent activity on an account (65%), setting appointments or reminders (53%), and questions about an order they placed (51%). Such calls can have benefits for the companies making them, as long as the experience is positive.

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Smartphones and Tablets Account for Half of US Adults’ Time Online



Smartphones alone account for 50% of online time for the two above-mentioned groups. Interestingly, while smartphones only account for a relatively small 25% of online time for Americans aged 50 and older, tablets grab 16% share, the highest among the age groups.

The share of internet time represented by mobile devices differs greatly from one category to the next. For example, together they account for just 24% of time online with the automotive category and 32% of time spent with TV sites (an outsized 20% of which is on tablets). By contrast, two-thirds of social media time goes to smartphones and tablets, as does 82% of online gaming time and 92% of online radio time.

comScoreJumptap-Digital-Cross-Platform-Audience-Sept2013The US’ “digital universe,” referring to the number of adults going online, is 194 million strong per month, per the report. Of those, about 63% (122 million) use both a PC and a mobile device, while PC-only! users nu! mber 58 million (30% share) and mobile-only 14 million (7% share). Those figures are heavily influenced by older internet users. While 17-22% of internet users aged 18-49 are PC-only, that figure jumps to 48% of those aged 50 and older.

While only 17% of online women aged 25-49 are PC-only, a greater proportion of online males of that age are so-called “screen jumpers” (mobile and PC users), at 74% share. That’s because a significant 14% share of women aged 25-49 are mobile-only.

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Only 37% of Online Adults Believe They Can Use the Internet Anonymously



This year, half of the survey’s respondents said they worry about how much information is available about them on the internet, up from 33% in September 2009. Those worries appear to be well-founded: many respondents said that their photos (66%), birth dates (50%), email addresses (46%) and employer information (44%) are available online. Those numbers were significantly higher for 18-29-year-olds, among whom 90% say their photos are available online.

Online Americans are taking steps to protect themselves, though. 64% have cleared cookies and browser history, 41% have deleted or edited something they had posted in the past, and an equal 41% have set their browser to disable or turn off cookies. 18-29-year-olds – whose information appears to be most readily available online – are also most likely to have taken these steps.

So who are they trying to avoid? Among the 55% who have taken steps to hide from specific people or organizations, hackers or criminals (33%) were the most commonly cited, followed by advertisers (28%), certain friends (19%) and people from their past (19%).

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Digital Set to Surpass TV in Time Spent with US Media


Average time spent with digital media per day will surpass TV viewing time for the first time this year, according to eMarketer’s latest estimate of media consumption among US adults.

The average adult will spend over 5 hours per day online, on nonvoice mobile activities or with other digital media this year, eMarketer estimates, compared to 4 hours and 31 minutes watching television. Daily TV time will actually be down slightly this year, while digital media consumption will be up 15.8%.

The most significant growth area is on mobile. Adults will spend an average of 2 hours and 21 minutes per day on nonvoice mobile activities, including mobile internet usage on phones and tablets—longer than they will spend online on desktop and laptop computers, and nearly an hour more than they spent on mobile last year.

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US Time Spent on Mobile to Overtake Desktop


US adults will spend 44.4% of their overall media time with digital this year, including 19.8% on mobile—compared to 19.5% on laptops and PCs. Time spent with mobile phones and tablets, excluding voice calls, has risen from 13.5% of all media time last year, and has nearly tripled since 2011.

eMarketer’s estimates of time spent with media include all time spent within each medium, regardless of multitasking. Consumers who spend an hour watching TV while multitasking on tablet devices, for example, would be counted as spending an hour with TV and an additional hour on mobile.

The shift from desktop to mobile, whether smartphone or tablet, is happening across a variety of activities, including social networking and digital video viewing. And tablets are key to the trend. As social networking and video reach plateaus in terms of share of total desktop time (around 29% and 18%, respectively), these activities are growing more quickly on smartphones, and especially tablets. The share of all tablet time spent with video, for example, will nearly double this year, from 10% to 19%.

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Smartphone Addiction: 7 in 10 Adults Keep Them Close Most of the Time


Jumio-US-Smartphone-Addiction-July2013American adults who own smartphones just can’t seem to separate themselves from their devices, according to an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Jumio. Results indicate that 72% of smartphone owners are within 5 feet of their devices the majority of the time, another data point to add to a growing list that includes 3 in 4 young smartphone owners checking their devices as soon as they wake up and 40% checking them every 10 minutes.

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Organic Search Continues to be the Primary Way Adults Find Websites


Forrester-How-Adults-Find-Websites-June2013Online adults in the US are more likely to discover websites via natural search engine results than through any other means, reports Forrester Research [download page] in a new study. Respondents were asked how they typically found websites they had visited in the prior month, with 54% pointing to search, up from 50% the prior year. Notably, social networking sites moved up a couple of notches to the second spot in the website discovery rankings, typically used by 32% in 2012, up from 25% in 2011.

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drag2share: Mobile-Native Teens are “Over” Facebook


Facebook teen popularityMobile-Native U.S. Teens Are Over Facebook (Pew)
Pew found U.S. teens have waning for enthusiasm for Facebook, which they view as inundated with adults, drama, and reputation management. We wrote about this phenomenon in a recent report. Buzzfeed had a good round up up of the respondent’s quotes. Elsewhere, Pew reported that 47% of U.S. teens own smartphones and one-third access the Internet primarily through a cell phone

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Broadcast TV Ratings May 5, 2013

Primetime Broadcast Total Viewership for the week:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (Live+SD) (000)
1 NCIS-04/30/2013 CBS 18289
2 Big Bang Theory, THE-05/02/2013 CBS 16288
3 Dancing with the Stars-04/29/2013 ABC 13454
4 NCIS: LOS ANGELES-04/30/2013 CBS 13065
5 Person Of Interest-05/02/2013 CBS 12956
6 VOICE-04/29/2013 NBC 12674
7 Two and a Half Men-05/02/2013 CBS 12121
8 VOICE-TUE-04/30/2013 NBC 11836
9 American Idol-THURSDAY-05/02/2013 FOX 11269
10 American Idol-WEDNESDAY-05/01/2013 FOX 11259
11 DANCING W/STARS RESULTS-04/30/2013 ABC 10886
12 60 Minutes-05/05/2013 CBS 10710
13 CASTLE-04/29/2013 ABC 10527
14 Criminal Minds-05/01/2013 CBS 10128
15 Blue Bloods-05/03/2013 CBS 10024
16 ELEMENTARY-05/02/2013 CBS 9749
17 Modern Family-05/01/2013 ABC 9643
18 CSI-05/01/2013 CBS 9486
19 SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN-05/01/2013 CBS 9254
20 Mentalist, THE-05/05/2013 CBS 9171
21 Amazing Race 22-05/05/2013 CBS 9103
22 Grey‘S ANATOMY-05/02/2013 ABC 8868
23 FOX SPRINT CUP WNNRS CRCL-05/05/2013 FOX 8708
24 MURDER/MYSTERY A.KNOX SPK-04/30/2013 S ABC 8468
25 MIKE & Molly-04/29/2013 CBS 8139

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Few Consumers Trust Social Media Marketing, Internet Ads


A Forrester Research survey [download page] of almost 60,000 US online adults and more than 15,000 European online adults reveals that few trust common types of digital advertising and promotions such as social media posts, ads on websites, and text messages from companies or brands. Looking solely at US respondents, only 15% trust social media […]

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