drag2share: Android Is Starting To Beat Back Its Fragmentation Problem


elly Bean Is Now The Most Widely Used Version Of Android (9to5Google)
The most recent iteration of Android’s software, released in late 2012, finally overtook Gingerbread, released in late 2010, as the most widely used version of the platform, indicating that Android’s fragmentation problem may slowly be improving. Google new strategy to fight fragmentation is to push out user-facing updates directly through layers of the platform that don’t require manufacturers or carriers to support the updates. Read >

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drag2share: Android Grabs 70 Percent Share In Major European markets


Android Extends Market Share Lead In Europe (Kantar Worldpanel ComTech)
Android grabbed a 70% market share of smartphone sales that took place during the three months ending May 31, in Europe’s five largest markets, up from 61% of sales in the same period a year prior. It also has a commanding lead in China, the world’s largest smartphone market. Because Kantar only counts China’s richer urban areas, this data may actually be understating its lead there. Read >

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drag2share: Android Users Spend Significantly Less Time On Apps


new project startsAndroid Has Market Share Edge, But Lags in App Usage (Flurry)
New research from Flurry confirms that Android does have the edge in active device market share, but iOS encourages app power usage. Flurry states that there were 564 million active Android devices globally at the end of April (versus 900 million total activations). However, despite the edge in market share, the average Android users only spend approximately 70% of the time in apps as an iOS user. No wonder most developers prefer to start projects for iOS. (See chart, above.

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drag2share: iPads Still Dominate North American Tablet Usage


tablet market shareiPads Account For More Than 80 Percent Of Tablet Use (Chitika)
The iPad family accounted for 81% of tablet use in the U.S. and Canada during April, up slightly from a few months ago. Kindle Fires accounted for the second largest share, followed by Samsung Galaxy tablets. In other words, even though Android took its first lead in global tablet market share last quarter (see chart, right), that’s not showing up in North American usage patterns. It’s likely that Android tablets are filling out the low-end of the tablet market in the emerging world. Read >

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Google intros Play for Education, a curated portal for apps and books


Google intros Play for Education, curates apps and books

Google’s making it easy for educators and their students to discover and recommend applications and books with Play for Education. Announced onstage at this year’s I/O by Chris Yerga, Google’s Android Engineering Director, the new Play storefront organizes content by education type, age and various other criteria to make the content discovery process simple for higher learning institutions. What’s more, all of the content that appears within this curated portal bears educators’ stamps of approval, so users know that what they’re accessing is tried-and-tested for quality.

Play for Education also makes use of Google+ groups, so schools and universities can quickly push apps, books and other content out to their students and even bill to one central account. A pilot program for the service has already been underway with six New Jersey schools ranking as current participants. Despite Google making the service official today, the actual sign-up window for general access won’t be until sometime later this fall. Though, developers can start submitting their applications right now.

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Android and Samsung dominate the phone market in Q1


Gartner Android and Samsung dominate the phone market in Q1

If you’ve been following the trends, Gartner’s mobile phone market figures for the first quarter of 2013 won’t surprise. The research firm estimates that Android was on 74.4 percent of all smartphones sold in the period, with Samsung the key beneficiary of such dominance. While the Korean behemoth doesn’t release solid sales figures, Gartner believes its market-flooding strategy has paid off, topping the league with 30.8 percent market share — Apple has a firm grip on second place, with 18.2 percent, which is well ahead of LG, which has 4.8 percent. Samsung is also king of the mobile phone space, owning 23.6 percent of the market, ahead of Nokia, which has fallen to 14.8 percent share. Gartner’s research also found that feature phone sales are slowing, so we guess that it’s only a matter of time ! before t he humble candybar goes the way of the netbook.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: Gartner

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BBC iPlayer viewing on tablets overtakes that on phones


BBC iPlayer viewing on tablets overtakes that on phones

When we think of BBC iPlayer use on mobile devices, we most often picture someone catching up on dramas with their smartphone during the commute home. Not anymore: newly available March stats from the Beeb reveal that tablet viewing has overtaken phone viewing for the first time. The difference is slight — tablets are only 200,000 requests ahead, at 41 million — but it’s enough to suggest that many now prefer bigger screens when they’re away from a computer or TV. While the broadcaster hasn’t directly explained the change in demographics, it’s not hard to see a possible explanation based on viewer habits. The BBC notes that most tablet-bound iPlayer users watch TV, and most iPlayer TV time overlaps that of traditional viewing, when audiences are more likely to be at home with the larger devices at hand. If you’re one to curl up on the couch to watch Panorama on an iPad or Android slate, then, you may just be part of a growing trend.

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Source: BBC

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Scary permissions requested by android app – take a CLOSE look

Notice where the app says it can not only READ your text messages but it can also EDIT any text message.

It can also “directly call phone numbers and send text messages” to “anyone in your phone book”

Finally, it can change your audio/video settings, record audio and take pictures and video. 

Hmmm …  from a publisher you don’t know.  Anyone else freaked out about this kind of permission granting?







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Apple Buys Indoor Mapping Company WifiSLAM


WiFi Slam app

Apple has bought WifiSLAM, a company providing indoor mobile location services, which lets people figure out their location inside a building using the strength of its Wi-Fi signals.

Indoor mobile location is a burgeoning field as more and more people use their smartphones inside buildings – with at least two Finnish companies, Walkbase and IndoorAtlas, offering their own systems for zeroing in on where they are, and a map of their surroundings.

Apple confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that it had bought the company, though it didn’t comment on the estimated $20m price tag. It said that it “buys smaller technology companies from time to time”.

WifiSLAM uses the variation in different networks’ Wi-Fi signal strengths to triangulate the user’s location. The company co-founders include a former Google staffer, and has backing from Don Dodge, who worked at both Google and Microsoft.

Walkbase has been developing its offering since 2009, and presently has an Android app offering. IndoorAtlas uses variations in the earth’s magnetic field to determine the user’s location – meaning it doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi or other data, and doesn’t need hardware.

Finnish mobile phone company Nokia already offers Destination Maps, an indoor mapping service.

For Apple, improving its maps offering has become increasingly important since it dumped Google’s mapping service for its iPhone and iPad products last September. That met with widespread criticism, and forced chief executive Tim Cook to issue a grovelling apology, and saw the ousting of Scott Forstall, who had been in charge of the iPhone software division, and of the head of the mapping team.


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