Octacore Exynos no better than Quadcore Snapdragon 600 – Samsung Galaxy S4

GS4 I9500 (Exynos 5) GS4 M919 (S600) GS3 I9300 (Exynos 4) HTC One (S600)
Quadrant 2.0 13,326 12,684 5,875 12,495
Vellamo 2.0 1,977 1,903 1,626 2,429
AnTuTu 3.2 28,167 26,143 10,344 25,140
SunSpider 0.9.1 (ms) 732 772 1,194 991
GLBenchmark Egypt 2.5 HD Offscreen (fps) 41 39 15 34
CF-Bench 20,800 28,111 12,922 25,267
AnTuTu 3D (on-screen) 8,144 5,618 N/A 6,099
3DMark (Ice Storm/Extreme) 10,179/6,383 11,145/6,656 N/A 11,495/6,775
Google Octane 3,730 2,265 N/A 1,524
Linpack (multi-thread) 563 655 N/A 567
Smartbench(productivity/gaming) 6884/3700 7265/2702 N/A 7,136/2,851
AndEbench (native) 12,600 14,228 N/A 6,808
SunSpider: lower scores are better; Linpack scores equal an average of 10 results.

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Yes, And Now We Have Porn-vertising

An elderly couple sits on a bench overlooking a snowy park. The woman looks up at her partner, lovingly, and he returns the glance with a grin. The piano music swells, and they go back to observing the park. This is, of course, an ad for porn.

Inline image 1

The ad, submitted by popular porno purveyor PornHub to run in this year’s Super Bowl, was rejected by CBS and won’t run. Not for any xxxtreme content, obviously; it’s more that it would be an ad that directed millions and millions of happy football-viewing families to a hardcore porno site with animated bodily everythings right there on its landing page. Still, the ad is pretty damn cute and charmingly subversive. Pornhub’s got a poll up to see if users think it should air (page is SFW, URL and overall site very much not), but it’s probably gotten its money’s worth already. And given us the most adorable porn promotion ever in the process. [Pornhub via BetaBeat]




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Adobe announces Creative Cloud updates to Muse and Photoshop, team subscriptions and more


Adobe announces Creative Cloud updates to Muse and Photoshop, team subscriptions and more

If you jumped on the Creative Cloud bandwagon, you’re about to cash in one of the major perks of taking said leap. Keeping its promise to roll out new features to the aforementioned members first, Adobe has announced updates to Muse and Photoshop alongside Creative Cloud training materials and team subscriptions. Let’s hit the highlights, shall we? Muse can not only help you publish websites without writing a line of code, but the software now offers assistance with smartphone and tablet-friendly versions of desktop sites, too. As far as new features for Photoshop CS6 are concerned, conditional actions (if this, then that), expanded Smart Object support, improved 3D effects and default type styles all settle in on the tool bench.

Looking to opt in to Adobe’s software service for your entire studio? No worries, the company has also outed Creative Cloud subscriptions for teams — complete with centralized admin tools and expert support — for $69 per month. That’s not all. Less than a month ago, the wraps were taken off of Creative Cloud Connection for sharing all of those essential project files. Now, said functionality is being trotted out in proper fashion. From what we gather, this will be a Dropbox-esque affair complete with drag-and-drop functionality that extends across Touch apps, too. Clients can also view design files here, like those from InDesign, even if they don’t have the requisi! te softw are installed on their machines. If that wasn’t enough, training materials are on the way in the form of exclusive content for card-carrying members. Get all that? Good. For the full rundown on all of the new features, consult the full PR that follows.

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