NY court lifts temporary ban on cab-hailing apps, pilot program to continue


The on-againoff-again status of NYC’s e-hail pilot program is now, well, back on. A New York state court has just lifted a temporary restraining order brought on by the city’s livery cab companies that halted the year-long trial of taxi-hailing apps like Uber, Hailo and Taxi Magic. They argued that using the apps to book cabs counts as pre-arranging a service, which is strictly their territory. After weeks of deliberation, judges sided with the city, which contended the software is just another way to hail a cab.


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NYC’s Depressingly Congested Traffic, Mapped by Taxicab GPS


NYC's Depressingly Congested Traffic, Mapped by Taxicab GPSWhy I take the subway: This is what NYC traffic congestion looks like, charted by the GPS units built into cabs. The real surprise is that average travel speeds remain a crushingly slow 7MPH, even when everybody’s at work. [NYT]

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