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Canonical drops Ubuntu Edge price to $695 for rest of crowdfunding campaign


Ubuntu Edge

Canonical’s Indiegogo campaign for the Ubuntu Edge smartphone had an auspicious start, but it slowed down after the first few days. The Linux developer may have just rekindled interest, however, by dropping the regular price of the Edge from $775 to $695 for the last two weeks of the crowdfunding drive. Part supplier deals helped reduce the manufacturing costs, Canonical explains. While that’s not the lowest price that we’ve seen during the campaign, there won’t be another discount — if you’re at all interested in the unique Android and Ubuntu hybrid, you’ll want to make a pledge today.


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CHART OF THE DAY: Barack Obama’s Monster Online Advertising Campaign


comScore has a new report out about the state of web properties. Most of it is stuff we’ve covered in the past. Google dominates search, Facebook is a popular site, etc.

In the middle of the report, this chart really jumped out at us. It compares Barack Obama’s online display ads to Mitt Romney’s display ads. The gap between the two is stunning. We’re not going to say anything about the correlation between online spending and winning an election, we just can’t believe the gap between the two candidates.

Chart of the day shows display ad impressions for the Obama and Romney campaigns during the 2012 Presidential elections cycle. February 2013

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