Facebook Ads See Better Results in Q2


Kenshoo-Facebook-Ad-Performance-Trends-in-Q2-Aug2013Facebook users are engaging more with advertising on the social networking platform, with increases in clicks and conversions leading to higher revenues for advertisers during the second quarter of the year, reports Kenshoo Social in a new study. Click-through rates were up by 18.5% quarter-over-quarter, leading to a 15.9% drop in average cost-per-click and a 16.4% rise in clicks. Perhaps those complaints about Facebook ads interfering with the user experience aren’t amounting to much.

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Looking to Reach High-Quality Users? Social Ads Still Do The Trick


AggregateKnowledge-Media-Spend-Efficiency-Comparison-in-Q2-Aug2013During the second quarter of this year, social outperformed portals, networks, and exchanges in user quality index – a measure that refers to a channel’s ability to reach a user that can be marketed to consistently – according to the latest quarterly “Global Media Intelligence Report” [download page] from Aggregate Knowledge. The study, which analyzed roughly 130 billion ad events, 34 billion impressions and 72 million conversions, found that social ads performed 14% better than the industry overall in delivering such quality users. However, the gap between social and other channels appears to be steadily narrowing.

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drag2share: Tablets Continue Their Rise As Shopping Devices, Far Outpacing Smartphones In Conversion Rates


Tablet users visiting e-commerce sites are three times more likely to make a purchase than those accessing the sites on their smartphones.

Tablet-based conversion rates for the holiday season in 2012 reached 2.2%, according to new data from Adobe’s State Of Mobile Benchmark Digital Index.

Smartphone conversion rates over the same period were significantly lower, reaching only about 0.7%.

Adobe tracked activity on over 500 U.S.-based retail websites during December 2012, and calculated conversion rates as total orders divided by total website visits.

The relatively low smartphone conversions were in effect during the the 2011 holiday season as well, when they were also .7%, according to a separate Adobe study.

It may be that in lieu of making an actual purchase, consumers more often prefer to use a smartphone for its on-the-go practicality in comparing prices or pinpointing store locations while shopping.

It’s further evidence that retailers have to approach mobile on a device-specific basis, meaning they should optimize their mobile sites and apps specifically for tablets and smartphones.

Tablets also offer would-be shoppers more screen real estate for browsing, and many consumers have basically begun to use them as lean-back PCs. However, desktop PCs still command the highest conversion rates.

Comparing 2011 to 2012, we see tablet conversion rates actually fell slightly, from 2.5% to 2.2%.


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How Auto Marketers Look to Prove ROI


CTR and leads generated still key metrics in the industry

From the moment original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) began investing in web properties, marketers have used data to attempt to prove to executives that digital dollars deliver a return on investment (ROI).

From consideration stage conquests, build-tool utilizations, seasonal traffic lift, call-to-action conversions and hand-raisers, all the way to the tried-and-true “clicks,” key performance indicators (KPIs) are often laced with jargon. But they can sway entire budgets if they show a competitive advantage for a campaign.

Yet in many cases, the only people with a clear grasp of these metrics are in the digital department. This is a problem in many industries, but it is seen as particularly prevalent in the automotive business.

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drag2share: Understanding Barriers to Social Commerce

source: undefined

The Conversion Gap: Understanding Barriers To Social Commerce

May 29, 2013

Despite the massive amount of traffic flowing to social media sites from PCs and mobile devices, users aren’t typically in a shopping mood.

BII AOV comparisonsThat translates to low average order values (AOVs) and conversion rates once those users are referred to e-commerce sites.

The statistics on conversions and AOV vary depending on the e-commerce platform or market research firm, but they all tell pretty much the same story.

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drag2share: Pinterest Refers More Dollars Per Order To eCommerce Sites Than Any Other Social Media


Pinterest Order SizePinterest Refers More Dollars Per Order To eCommerce Sites Than Any Other Social Media (Monetate)
Social media accounts for a dismal .71% of conversions on eCommerce websites. The verdict is still out on whether consumers will ever become big buyers on social media. However, there is one outlier in this new market. Pinterest sent more traffic to eCommerce websites in the first quarter of 2013 than it did in the retail-heavy fourth quarter. Moreover, Pinterest users referred to a shopping website spend $80.54 on average per order — the most of any social network

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Interactions Are More Correlated to Conversions Than Clicks


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Mobile to Drive One-Third Paid Search Clicks by End 2013


Mobile To Drive One-Third Of Paid Search Clicks By Year End (Search Engine Land)
Marin Software released a report called The State of Mobile Search Advertising in the World. The 2012 data is drawn from search campaigns conducted in 13 geographies including the U.S., UK, China, Europe and Australia.

State of Mobile Search Advertising

Marin forecasts that mobile devices will drive a third of U.S. paid clicks by December 2013. The company says that as of December 2012, mobile devices accounted for 23.4 percent of all US paid-search clicks. Mobile also captured 18.4 percent of search budgets in December.

mobile click through rates

Marin found that paid search campaigns on smartphones and tablets delivered higher click-through rates (CTR) at a lower cost-per-click (CPC). However, overall, conversions were lower on mobile devices. But because there are relatively few e-commerce sales on smartphones, this metric (“conversions”) isn’t a great fit.

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Facebook drives most social B2B traffic, but Twitter is top for conversions: report


In fact, Twitter achieves a higher conversion rate (2.17%) than the average for all channels combined (1.6%) including organic and paid search. In comparison, LinkedIn and Facebook achieve conversion rates of 0.8% and 0.74% respectively.

But when it comes to the number of pageviews per visit, LinkedIn is the top performer with 2.48, followed by Facebook (1.94) and Twitter (1.51).

Social media breakdown

Overall though, organic search massively outperforms social in terms of traffic and leads.

Organic search drives 41% of traffic to B2B sites, of which Google accounts for 90%, while social contributes an average of only 5% of all traffic and leads.

B2B conversion rates by source 2012

The data in this report was collected using Optify’s visitor and lead tracking software and includes only US .com sites with between 100 and 100,000 monthly visits.

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