Majority of US Internet Users Will Redeem Digital Coupons in 2013 – eMarketer


Many US consumers adopted a frugal mindset during the recession, stretching their dollars with coupons found online as well as in newspapers and magazines. Print coupons still dominate, but digital coupons have quickly gained mainstream acceptance.

This year, more than half of US adult internet users, or 102.5 million people, will redeem a digital coupon via any device for either online or offline shopping. New data indicates that there was a significant increase in the number of digital coupon users during the first half of 2013. Based on this, eMarketer has increased our forecast for the US digital coupon audience beginning this year. We expect the number of people who redeem digital coupons to increase 11.0% this year, up from our previous estimate of 4.6%. New mobile coupon users will be the primary growth driver in the US digital coupon audience.

Mobile has played a significant part in digital couponing in 2013—more than 28% of people who own a mobile device redeemed a coupon this year. Nearly 70% of mobile coupon users will access coupons via smartphone. eMarketer has revised our projections for the number of US adult smartphone coupon users upward from our previous forecast to reflect the increase in digital coupon redemption during H1 2013. We expect one one-third of all smartphone users ages 18 and older, or 42.1 million people, to use a coupon obtained via app, mobile internet, mobile barcode or SMS this year.The US adult smartphone coupon user base is up 40.9% this year, following 60.6% growth in 2012. New smartphone users, as well as the growing popularity of new mobile apps, local deals, and the integration of couponing into social networks will he! lp fuel increases.

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Mothers Share Their Brand, Coupon Preferences


Thirty-five percent follow brands or stores on social

Although mothers are known to be especially active on social networks, that does not mean they will necessarily endorse their favorite brands by following them on social media. A June 2013 survey of US mothers participating in the community found that just more than one-third of respondents followed brands or stores on social media, while 65% said they did not.

This still put mothers ahead of participants overall in terms of their receptivity to following brands on social. More than seven out of 10 total respondents said they did not do this.

But that doesn’t mean mothers aren’t inclined to share their preferences and recommendations at a reasonably high rate—it just may be on their own terms.

A July 2013 Burst Media survey of US mothers on the web found that across all age groups, well over half of respondents posted about products or services on social media. And about 70% of the youngest mothers surveyed—those between 18 and 34 years old—did so. Shopping and retail ecommerce sites were also popular places for sharing opinions on products or services.

The survey found that a major incentive among mothers who did follow brands and stores on social was to receive discounts or special offers. Seventy-one percent of those who followed a brand socially said they di! d so for the discounts, and 69% did so to receive special offers.

Similarly, Burst Media’s research found that 56.1% of mothers surveyed shared coupons or incentives on social, a significantly higher rate than followed brands on social media. Of these coupon-sharers, more than one-quarter posted about coupons at least somewhat frequently.

Mothers are on the web scouring for deals and discounts, and they want to share what they find with others. They might not be overwhelmingly inclined to passively endorse a brand or store on social media, but with the right incentive, they’re much more likely to spread the word around.

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CPG Marketers Distributed 168 Billion Coupons in H1, A Slight Rise From Last Year


NCH-Marketing-CPG-Coupon-Distribution-Trends-H1-2009-H1-2013-Jul2013After a couple of years of decline, the volume of coupons distributed by CPG marketers rose by 1.8% year-over-year in the first half of this year, according to [registration page] a new report from NCH Marketing. The study finds that marketers distributed 168 billion coupons, the highest number since the first half of 2010 (178 billion). Free-standing inserts (FSIs) remained the predominant media type, at 91.1% of all distributed coupons.

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drag2share: CHART: How Mobile Coupons Are Driving An Explosion In Mobile Commerce


As recently as late 2010, mobile commerce was only 3% of e-commerce. By the end of last year’s holiday shopping season, that number had risen to 11%. That’s approximately $18.6 billion in consumer spending – and that doesn’t even include travel-related purchases.

New mobile merchandising trends — merchandising being the art of selling people products they didn’t know they wanted — like mobile catalogs and coupons are helping to drive this explosion.

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we examine the main reasons why mobile commerce is exploding, and analyze the new mobile merchandising trends — like mobile catalogs and coupons – that are contributing to this growth.

Access The Full Report By Signing Up For A Free Trial Today >>

Take a look at this chart that illustrates the widespread usage of mobile coupons:

bii_mobilecommerce2_couponingcategory (1)

The role of mobile coupons in driving mobile commerce will only continue to grow:

In our report, we detail how brands and retailers are increasingly using digital coupons as a means to drive digital revenue, increase offline sales and foot traffic to physical stores, gather data, and build direct relationships with customers and potential customers.

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Groupon takes on OpenTable with ‘Groupon Reserve,’ bundles reservations with coupons


Groupon takes on OpenTable with 'Groupon Reserve,' bundles reservations with coupons

Not satisfied with simply locking down your discount mountain-climbing lessons and hot stone massages, Groupon announced Groupon Reserve this morning, which aims to bundle time-based discounts with restaurant reservations. Groupon’s tapping’s reservation tech to handle the heavy-lifting behind the scenes — the service is already live in 10 markets, including New York City and Los Angeles, and seemingly goes after OpenTable head-on.

Of course, Groupon Reserve isn’t quite the same service as OpenTable. With Reserve, you plug in a time, party size, date and city, and you’re offered a variety of restaurant options with discounts, whereas with OpenTable you’re simply plugging in the aforementioned info and looking for a spot. Though Groupon Reserve only handles restaurant reservations thus far, the plan is for “spas, salons and hotels” in the coming months; ambiguous options from “top beauty, product, travel and entertainment brands” are also in the cards. Groupon Reserve will reach international shores and even more US cities “by the end of 2013.” Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re arranging a more affordable date at Butter. We’re pretty fancy.

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drag2share: JCPenney Is Raising Prices So That It Can Mark Them Down (JCP)


JCPenney Is Raising Prices So That It Can Mark Them Down (JCP)

Mar 27, 2013

JCPenney clearance rack

JCPenney is raising its prices in order to mark them down again, James Covert at The New York Post reported.

CEO Ron Johnson is trying to restore traditional sales at the struggling department store chain. Last year, he vowed to wean customers off coupons, but the strategy failed and traffic plunged, leading to painfully low sales numbers.

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Consumers’ Savings from CPG Coupons Dropped 18 Percent in 2012


Despite a steady amount of CPG coupons distributed by marketers in 2012, US consumers redeemed 17.1% less coupons than in 2011, according to a study from NCH Marketing Services. Total consumer savings on CPG coupons declined by $800 million in 2012, to $3.7 billion, representing an 17.8% decrease. The decline comes after 3 consecutive years […]

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CPG Marketers Distributed 305 Billion Coupons in


After distributing 8.1% less coupons in 2011 than in 2010, CPG marketers held steady last year, distributing 305 billion coupons across all media, according to NCH Marketing Services. That 305 billion figure represents an 8.1% climb from 2008, but is down from a peak of 332 billion in 2010. In response, 79.8% of consumers surveyed […]

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Best Buy Had A Spectacular Coupon Fail That Started A Feeding Frenzy (BBY)


Best BuyBest Buy totally messed up on one of its coupons recently.

First, it offered a coupon for $50 off a purchase of $100 or more as long as the customer used a Mastercard. Like most coupons of its type, it excluded some items, such as iPods and certain brands of TVs.

But it didn’t exclude gift cards.

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How People Are Using Their Smartphones To Save Money


The way shoppers search for coupons is changing. While the days of tearing apart the Sunday paper for coupons haven’t passed just yet, we are seeing a lot more people switch to their smartphones to look for deals.

To help with the growing demand for mobile coupons, Coupon Cabin just launched an all new app that lets users search for coupons by category for hundreds of online retailers.

Check out the graphic from Coupon Cabin below for more facts about our mobile coupon habits:


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