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drag2share: Brand Activity On Twitter Is Skyrocketing This Year


bii brands twitterBrands Ramp Up Twitter Usage (Brand Watch)
According to a recent study, half of brands surveyed this year are tweeting 30 or more messages each week. For comparison, half of the monitored brands tweeted fewer than seven times per week in 2012.

What’s more, 63% of brands surveyed now manage multiple accounts on Twitter. In 2011, just 7% had multiple accounts. We’ve noticed some companies setting-up dedicated Twitter accounts for customer service, and now we might see that trend spilling over into other departments

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Marketers Are Collecting Data – But Having Trouble Leveraging It


Teradata-Data-Collected-Used-To-Drive-Marketing-Aug201345% of global marketers agree that data is the most underutilized asset in their organization, per survey results [download page] from Teradata. Indeed, while a majority currently collect a range of data types, including demographic (80%), customer service (72%) and customer satisfaction (62%), fewer report using the data. And although marketers ascribe various benefits to the use of data in decision-making, the study shows that few are able to systematically apply a data-driven marketing approach to regular tasks.

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Slow Social Response Times Prove Annoying to Millennials


Havas-Social-Media-Response-Times-July2013A growing number of consumers around the world are contacting brands through social media channels, to the extent that customer service and audience engagement is now seen as one of the top organizational areas where social tools carry the most heft. Results from a new study [download page], conducted by Havas Worldwide, suggest that consumer expectations are high for social responsiveness, and that brands that fail to meet those expectations risk alienating a large portion of consumers.

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Check Out The Correlation Between Market Volatility And Google Searches For ‘Gold’


This chart from The Economist shows just how correlated popular interest in gold and market craziness are.

A great reminder that market data has a broad definition and comes from diverse sources.

(H/t to Ben Malbon at Google Labs.)

Fear Indices By Ben Malbon

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the American phone subsidy model is a RAZR way of thinking in an iPhone world


The concept is simple enough — pay more, get more. So it has gone (historically, anyway) with phone subsidies in this part of the world, a system that has served us admirably for well over a decade. It made sense, and although it was never spelled out at the customer service counter quite as clearly as any of us would’ve liked, it was fairly straightforward to understand: you bought a phone on a multi-dimensional sliding scale of attractiveness, functionality, and novelty. By and large, there was a pricing scale that matched up with it one-to-one. You understood that if you wanted a color external display, a megapixel camera, or MP3 playback, you’d pay a few more dollars, and you also understood that you could knock a couple hundred dollars off of that number by signing up to a two-year contract. In exchange for a guaranteed revenue stream, your carrier’s willing to throw you a few bucks off a handset — a square deal, all things considered. So why’s the FCC in a tizzy, and how can we make it better?

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