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drag2share: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/businessinsider/~3/yPhAFj6cXYo/facebook-twitter-and-pinterest-drive-as-much-in-store-purchasing-as-online-purchasing-2013-6

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Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest drive as much in store purchasing as online purchasing, but affect purchasing behaviour in sharply different ways, research from Vision Critical has found.

This research gathered more than 5,900 responses over a series of four online surveys to determine how social media influences the consumer’s path to purchase.

It was discovered that Facebook was best for motivating consumers to make purchases offline and online; while one in three individuals who buy items they have pinned or liked on Pinterest had not thought of making that purchase until they found the item on Pinterest.

On Twitter and Facebook, technology is the product category: 34% of Twitter purchases and 25 per cent of Facebook purchases were made after sharing or favouriting a technology item.

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Your Year in Foursqare Checkins, Visualized

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5994785/your-year-in-foursqare-checkins-visualized

Your Year in Foursqare Checkins, VisualizedFoursquare just launched a neat new tool that allows you to view the last year of your life in Foursquare check-ins. Don’t worry! It’s more than a depressingly reductive view of your life as the summation of activities on a social network. It’s actually really cool.

Using the new tool you can sort your check-ins in a few different ways, including by category (above), and by time (below):
Your Year in Foursqare Checkins, Visualized

You can also view your history by connections, which shows you where you went after visiting a particular location. Here are the places I visited after hanging out on the Gawker Media roof deck.

Your Year in Foursqare Checkins, VisualizedWhat a life! Check out the tool here for yourself.

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Netflix Encodes Every Movie 120 Different Ways

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5969677/netflix-encodes-every-movie-120-different-ways

The problem with streaming video to different devices—computers, tablets, phones, and whatever else—is that they all demand subtly different streams if they’re to look their best. If you’re Netflix, which streams to 900 different types of device, that leaves you with some work to do.

According to Netflix, it has to encode each and every movie it offers in 120 different ways. Add to that the crowd sourcing of subtitles, global variation in titles and formats, and an armful of other problems, and the work Netflix has to go to makes $8 a month seem even better value. The video above was used at a Netflix recruitment fair—but gives a decent insight into how its video wends its way from Hollywood to your tablet. [GigaOm]

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New Organizing Principles

New Organizing Principles by Augustine Fou from Dr Augustine Fou

People find information in different ways; information no longer needs to be siloed by websites.


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