Ericsson Money Launches In Europe To Send And Receive Money Via Mobile


Remember Ericsson? Yeah, they used to make mobile phones on their own. Then they realised they couldn’t compete against Nokia, Motorola and the rest, and spun out their mobile division to hook up with Sony, who also realised that they were getting squeezed. Sony Ericcson mobile has trundled along for a few years and are even coming out with handheld mashups like the Xperia Play. But the mothership of Ericsson itself has largely turned into a telecoms and services company. Today, however they are doing something unusually disruptive.

Ericsson Money is launching across seven European countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Sweden) and allows anyone to send and receive money via mobile. Eventually there will be a commission fee for sending money but for a limited time it’s free.

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How People Actually Use iPads (AAPL)


The most important app for the iPad remains Safari, according to a survey of our readers.

We asked them about how they spend time with the iPad, and the results are below. This is the second time we surveyed readers on iPad usage. The last time we did it was in November.

Since November, Apple has sold well over 10 million iPads, so it’s interesting to see how behavior with the iPad is changing. Video, gaming, and general app usage is all up since our last survey.

We’ll have the full results of our survey tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

chart of the day ipad apps

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What Is Google +1?Google is introducing a new feature in Google search results today: +1. But what is it? A new social network? A social thingy? A social search engine? Is it even social?

It’s a simple way to Like Google search results…

When you’re signed into your Google account, every Google search result will now have a +1 icon next to it (right now you have to activate in Google Experimental). If you find the search result useful or just enjoy the linked site, you hit the +1 icon. Google says by +1-ing a result you’re giving it a recommendation, a stamp of approval. More +1’s on a result means the site is more interesting.

…and is definitely social…

You can see what your friends +1’d which ideally lends more credence to a particular search result. Since Google displays so many sites, these little +1’s will help you sift out the crappy ones (if you didn’t banish them already). Imagine if your best friend found a link interesting and +1’d it. When you stumble upon that in the future, you’re probably going to click it.

…but isn’t a social network…

When the Google +1 project first started (as Google Me), it was billed to be Google’s Facebook killer. Clearly, it’s not. The +1 system works more like Likes in Facebook or Diggs in Digg, meaning to say it’s a bare bones simple way to show that you like something. That’s good! Google became the king of search because it was simple. +1 is simple.

…that will help Google target ads better…

You can also +1 ad’s, which combined with the data of your usual +1s of search results, will let Google learn more about you and better target their ads. It’s sort of like data research masked as a feature, like when Google offered free Google 411s to improve their voice recognition software, Google +1 improves their ad delivery system.

…and will eventually grow bigger…

Google isn’t done with +1 yet. They’ve learned from previous mistakes in Google Buzz and Google Wave where they dug a grave for those products by overhyping them. This time, by starting small with a simple +1 icon only available on Google search results, they can quietly go about their business and slowly add to it (like +1-ing directly from a website, from Chrome, from apps etc.).

…but won’t change the way you use Google. Yet.

Google +1 is another sign that Google wants to evolve into a more social search engine. All those +1’s they keep track of will not only help Google make their searches better, but also make them more relevant to your social circle. As the Internet gets clotted in cobwebs, having friends personally +1 the best sites keeps Google from falling too far behind Facebook and Twitter in social sharing. [Google +1]

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This Room Can Reproduce the Sun at Any Time and Point On the Planet


Ford engineers want to know how your car looks under every imaginable lighting condition. They have something called the Visual Performance Evaluation Lab, which simulates the exact sunlight at any time of the day all year around.

Using motorized lights with 6,000 watts of combined power, the lab allows them to see how every component looks as the day passes. In theory, that means that they can adjust the car to provide with a “very user-friendly, pleasant environment inside”. In practice, it’s just an excuse for them to have a tan all year around.

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‘Stanford gurus enable two-way radio communications. Over.’


Call it the holy grail of radio transmissions if you must, but even if you’re not about to toss that label on it, there’s no question that the work being done in Stanford‘s engineering labs could destroy quite a few preconceived notions about wireless interference. Demoed as a concept last year, a newfangled wireless technology developed in Palo Alto is proving that signals can indeed be sent and received at the same time. Outside of the cellular telephony world, this seemingly simple occurrence doesn’t really happen — typical wireless signals have to take turns when it comes to listening and transmitting. As an example, it’s impossible for a WiFi router to “shout” out signals while also being intelligent enough to quiet its own voice in order to hear “whispers” from a connected device. The breakthrough came when researchers found that radios could be tweaked to filter out the signal from its own transmitter, something that already happens within noise-canceling headphones. If this can be packaged into a commercially viable platform, it could instantly double the amount of information sent over existing networks, and on an even grander scale, it could allow airplanes to radio into control towers simultaneously (a feat that’s shockingly impossible with today’s physics bearing down). Head on past the break for a downright enlightening video on the matter.

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‘Stanford gurus enable two-way radio communications. Over.’ originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 06:26:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Digital Strategy Courses / Digital Marketing Courses – Dr. Augustine Fou

New York University NYU – Digital Strategy: Creating Synergy in Your Marketing Program / X50.9505

Rutgers — Mini-MBA™: Social Media Marketing / Digital Marketing

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Why Can’t Lamps Look Good and Conserve Energy?

Why Can't Lamps Look Good and Conserve Energy?Sure, we’ve seen a couple slick-looking LED lamps before, but those were egregiously expensive. Lumisource’s Luminance desk lamp also combines style with the latest in lighting tech for under $100.

Powered by three strips of LED lights, the lamp also has mood lights that run along the bottom, adding that extra bit of flair to the design. And at $65 a pop, you could afford to buy two while hardly breaking a financial sweat. That is, if you wanted to. [Amazon via 7 Gadgets]

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AdThwart Quietly Becomes Adblock Plus for Chrome, Adds Updated Filters

AdThwart Quietly Becomes Adblock Plus for Chrome, Adds Updated FiltersChrome: The Adblock Plus team isn’t wasting much time. Since announcing their merge with AdThwart, they’ve updated their Chrome extension with new branding, updated filters, and a few fixes for the most popular ad-blocking extension around.

Adblock Plus for Chrome now shares some of its code with the Firefox extension that started it all, and the list of suggested filters has been updated as well, along with a “bunch of inconsistencies.” If nothing else, Adblock fans should install the extension in Chrome to keep tabs on the official Adblock, as there are many, many contenders with similar names in the Chrome marketplace.

Adblock Plus is a free download for Chrome browsers.

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome™ (Beta) 1.0.22 released [Adblock Plus Blog via #tips]


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digital audit

a full digital audit of a brand’s marketing efforts in the digital space consists of assessments of their online advertising and search (paid and organic) activities. It also includes a competitive scan to reveal competitors they would not normally associate with their brand (the usual suspects). Their marketing activities are compared against social media benchmarks and other digital performance benchmarks like click rates of other advertisers in the same industry vertical or similar site size.

more details on digital audits are here…

more details on digital strategy courses are available here….

digital audit analysis

digital audit search results

brands can also assess their digital presence and how they compare to other brands in the same industry by using their Digital Footprint Score – DFS Score

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Dr. Augustine Fou is Digital Consigliere to marketing executives, advising them on digital strategy and Unified Marketing(tm). Dr Fou has over 17 years of in-the-trenches, hands-on experience, which enables him to provide objective, in-depth assessments of their current marketing programs and recommendations for improving business impact and ROI using digital insights.

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