E-Commerce in Q2: Tablet Traffic as Valuable as Traffic From Computers

source: http://www.marketingcharts.com/wp/topics/e-commerce/e-commerce-in-q2-tablet-traffic-as-valuable-as-traffic-from-computers-36679/?utm_campaign=rssfeed&utm_source=mc&utm_medium=textlink


Computers led with an AOV of $115.74, compared to $113.15 for tablet tablets and $112.73 for smartphones.

[Editor’s note: Monetate’s previous report covering Q1 had found tablets converting at a higher rate than computers, while data from this latest report indicates that the opposite was true for Q1. The discrepancy owes to a different random sample of clients being used for each quarterly report.]

Among tablets, the iPad continued to boast the highest conversion rate (2.6%) during the second quarter, with Android (2%) also out ahead of the Kindle Fire (1.6%). The iPad also sported the highest average order value ($114.18), outpacing Android ($101.22) and Kindle Fire ($91.84).

The iPhone re-assumed the lead in conversion rates among smartphones, just exceeding 1%, and putting some distance between itself and Android (0.88%) and Windows (0.77%) phones. i! Phone tra! ffic also ended up with the highest average order value, of $114.45, followed closely by Windows ($112.36) and Android ($109.52).

All told, smartphones (9.7%) and tablets (12.4%) together accounted for more than 1 in 5 e-commerce visits during Q2, up from about 15% a year earlier. In the past year, tablets have overtaken smartphones in terms of e-commerce traffic share, with the gap between the devices steadily increasing.

The iPad continues to dominate tablet e-commerce traffic to the tune of 90.6% share, while the iPhone also retains its lead (62.7% share) of smartphone visits.

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drag2share: There’s Ridiculous Variation In Prices At Different Walgreens

source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/businessinsider/~3/FNEruETvW_4/theres-ridiculous-variation-in-prices-at-different-walgreens-2013-9


It’s no secret that stores charge more for their wares in some regions than others.

But a new report found that people in the same neighborhood may pay significantly different prices for the same goods at stores within the same drugstore chain – especially if they’re shopping at Walgreens.

The Huffington Post’s Kim Bhasin reports:

“Consumers in Manhattan shelled out $15.99 for Claritin at a Walgreens on 5th Ave., paying $4.50 more than those who bought the allergy medicine at another Midtown location on 3rd Ave. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a Walgreens store on Cockrell Hill Rd. charged $10.49 for CoverGirl lipstick, while another nearby Walgreens sold the same product for just $8.29. And in Anaheim, Calif., Walgreens shoppers found that Neutrogena Face Scrub cost $9.49 on La Palma Ave., though it ran for only $7.99 on Brookhurst St., three miles away.”

What’s with the discrepancy?

Walgreens chalks it up to the price of real estate and labor, which can differ in dense urban areas.

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drag2share: One-Third Of BlackBerry World Apps Come From Just One Developer

source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/businessinsider/~3/cPoHBNQCa5Q/one-third-of-blackberry-world-apps-come-one-developer-2013-8

blackberry 10 app world

One-Third Of BlackBerry World Apps Come From The Same Developer (Berry Review)
A developer firm known as S4BB has single handedly created over 47,000 apps for the BlackBerry World app market. That amounts to almost one-third of BlackBerry World’s total app count. The app store race is not even close, but this revelation illustrates another stumbling block in BlackBerry’s attempt at platform and app store relevancy – the huge discrepancy between quantity and quality of apps in BlackBerry World

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the problem with online metrics – it’s estimated, approximated, or extrapolated

TechCrunch based the following post on ComScore numbers, which shows “MySpace currently has 124 million monthly unique visitors, compared to Facebook’s 276 million” in Feb 2009.



But checking Compete and QuantCast the numbers are not just slightly different, they are way different.

Compete:  Facebook 74M; MySpace 53M in Feb 2009

QuantCast: Facebook 79M; MySpace 66M in Feb 2009




Given the huge discrepancy, the only thing that can really be concluded is that Facebook has overtaken and is larger than MySpace now and continuing to widen the lead.

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