Fraunhofer iPad app guides liver surgery through augmented reality


Fraunhofer iPad app guides liver surgery through augmented reality

Liver surgery is more than a little dangerous — with so many blood vessels, one wrong cut can lead to disaster. Fraunhofer MEVIS has just tested a new generation of augmented reality iPad app that could minimize those risks. The tool puts a 3D vessel map on top of live video of a patient, telling the surgeon where it’s safe to make incisions. Doctors who do need to cut vessels can predict the level of blood loss and remove affected vessels from the map. The trial was successful enough that Fraunhofer MEVIS sees the new technology applying to surgery elsewhere in the body. If all goes well, there should be fewer accidents during tricky operations of many kinds — a big relief for those of us going under the knife.

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Younger Doctors Use Web-Enabled Devices For Professional Purposes


Smartphones and tablets now offer apps that promise to fundamentally change the way medicine is practiced. These tools, unsurprisingly, are more often used by younger US physicians than their older counterparts.

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Doctors Don’t Follow Their Own Advice on Medical Treatment


Doctors Don't Follow Their Own Advice on Medical TreatmentIt’s been known that doctors tend to avoid their advice for patients when it comes to treating themselves but it’s pretty amazing how big the difference really is. Radiolab dug up a decade-long survey made by Joseph Gallo of John Hopkins that showed what doctors really think.

The scenario the doctors were given was “irreversible brain injury without terminal illness”. Taking a look at the survey and it’s pretty, um, clear that doctors don’t want any type of treatment other than pain meds:

Doctors Don't Follow Their Own Advice on Medical Treatment It’s a far cry from us civilians who would try every route in order to get better. Sometimes the cards are the cards, I guess. [Radio Lab via Smithsonian Mag, Image Credit Shutterstock]

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