Facebook brings free VoIP calling to Android users in the US



Not content to own your phone’s home screen, Facebook is bringing free VoIP calling to users of its Home and Android Messenger apps in the US. The social network’s VoIP for iOS has been available in the US for a few months now, and Android users are already enjoying the service in 23 other countries, including Canada. Stateside, the VoIP for Android will roll out over the course of the day, and it shouldn’t require a manual update; users will know they have the new VoIP feature if they can click the “i” icon on a friend’s profile and then select “free call.” From Chat Heads, starting a call requires tapping the “more info” dots next to a friend’s name to jump into the Messenger app.

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Jewelry Made by Mapping Out Your Check-Ins [Foursquare]


Most Ridiculous Foursquare Thing: Jewelry Made by Mapping Out Your Check-InsIf you’ve ever stopped and wondered why you obsessively check in to Foursquare wherever you go, Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang have the answer. They’ve come up with a unique jewelry line that lets Foursquare users create custom geometrical designs based on where they’ve been.

On their website, meshu, you can either login to Foursquare and use its online editor to choose what locations you want to shape your piece, like a connect the dots puzzle. Or, you can just load a map of any city and manually add points anywhere you want. The creation process lets you be as abstract as you want, and once you’re finished you have the choice of creating earrings, necklaces, or cufflinks which are all manufactured through 3D printing or laser cutting processes. So for somewhere between $75 and $150, you can claim the title of mayor of questionable taste.

Most Ridiculous Foursquare Thing: Jewelry Made by Mapping Out Your Check-Ins

[Meshu via Ubergizmo]

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