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Justin Bieber Has the Fakest Twitter Followers

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5994569/justin-bieber-has-the-fakest-twitter-followers

Justin Bieber Has the Fakest Twitter FollowersNot to enrage the Bieber Nation or Beliebers or whatever Bieberian name tweens and post-tweens call themselves now, but it looks like a lot of the people who follow him on Twitter are fake. In fact, he has the highest number of fakeout Twitter followers out of the top 10 Twitter accounts. 16.7 million accounts are fake! 2.6 million are inactive! Those numbers are ridiculous.

Bieber has 17.8 million real followers (a lot! but certainly a lot different from his listed 37.2 million followers) which puts him in second place in Twitter popularity behind Lady Gaga, who has 19 million real followers. The fake stats were found by Statista using the Socialbakers tool which weeds out fake accounts by looking at their tweets to see if they include spamworthy words like “diet”, “make money” and “work from home”. It’s not too surprising that all these popular stars have so many fake followers (Et tu, Barack?) because massive popularity is a magnet for spam leeches. [Statista via BBC]

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The Rise of LinkedIn Spam

Beware the fake accounts that ask to "friend" you on LinkedIn… the fake job offers that require you to provide email address and phone number.  And has anyone else seen a dramatic rise in LinkedIn InMail spam in recent days and weeks?
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Twitter Has A Big Problem With Fake User Accounts

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/twitter-has-a-big-problem-with-fake-user-accounts-2012-8

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Everyone knows there’s a sordid industry around selling Twitter followers.

But on Friday, Jason Ding, a researcher from security vendor Barracuda Networks, quantified how bad the problem is for Twitter and how these guys fly under the radar. 

For 75 days, Ding investigated the fake Twitter account business. He and his team fired up three Twitter accounts and then bought 20,000 or 70,000 Twitter followers for each.

Here’s what they discovered:

  • 20 eBay sellers and 58 websites sell Twitter followers, mostly fake accounts.
  • On average, these accounts follow 1,799 other Twitter accounts.
  • It costs about $18 per 1,000 followers.
  • Those selling the fake accounts can earn as much as $800/day.
  • They sell retweets, too. They charge between $2.50 and $55 per 1,000 retweets.
  • Those who buy fake Twitter followers had on average 48,885 followers.

Twitter suspends accounts it knows to be fake. But it’s pretty easy to fool Twitter, Ding’s research shows.

We asked Twitter to comment on the fake account problem in general and this research in particularly and will update the story when we here back.

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Here’s The Information Facebook Gathers On You As You Browse The Web

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-tracking-2011-11

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Facebook stirred up privacy concerns when it came out that its “Like” and “Share” buttons appearing all over the web actually report your visits back to Facebook servers.

Now Facebook engineering director Arturo Bejar has shared what personal information the company retains with its tracking cookies, as reported by USA Today.

When you’re logged in, Facebook will keep a timestamped list of the URLs you visit and pair it with your name, list of friends, Facebook preferences, email address, IP address, screen resolution, operating system, and browser.

When you’re logged out, it captures everything except your name, list of friends, and Facebook preferences. Instead, it uses a unique alphanumeric identifier to track you.

Keep in mind that Facebook isn’t tracking your entire browsing history, just your visits to sites with “Like” and “Share” buttons.

Bejar told USA Today that Facebook technically could link your name to your logged-out browsing data, but he “makes it a point not to do this.”

Why does Facebook gather all this info and what do they do with it? By keeping so many details, it makes it easier to identify fake accounts and scammers. By keeping track of what users “Like” around the web, Facebook can show people ads that will be the most interesting to them and generate more revenue.

Despite Facebook having the best intentions — wanting to maintain a high quality user experience and generate ad revenue — you can see why privacy experts are concerned.

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