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B2B Print Ad Sales Continue Steady Decline in 2013



Ad sales declined have been particularly pronounced in some industries. During the first quarter, for example, sales wer down by almost 20% year-over-year for the business, marketing and advertising (-19.97%), aviation, aerospace and military (19.75%) and electronic engineering (-19.62%) sectors. In fact, of the 22 sectors measured, only 7 posted increases. Only one sector –  travel, business conventions and meetings – registered increases in ad sales throughout the first 4 months of the year.

Print continues to be one of the key B2B media and information revenue sources behind trade shows and events, but its contribution to overall revenues is declining. Last year, print accounted for 29% of revenues, down from 37% in 2008.

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Lenovo posts Q1 earnings, reveals that its mobile sales have overtaken PCs


Lenovo says it's raining cash

Don’t look now, but Lenovo just became an industry bellwether. While reporting strong first quarter results that include a record $8.8 billion in revenue and $170 million in profit, the tech giant revealed that its combined smartphone and tablet sales have overtaken those of its PCs. Yes, you read that correctly — the world’s largest PC vendor is now a mobile-first company, unlike previous title holders such as HP. It’s not hard to explain the shift, however. About 42 percent of Lenovo’s total sales come from its native China, where the company’s predominantly Android-based phones and tablets fare very well. The firm’s Windows PCs and tablets are also performing above industry averages, but CEO Yang Yuanqing makes it clear that Lenovo is quickly becoming a “PC Plus” brand — IdeaPads and ThinkPads are just parts of a larger puzzle.


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LinkedIn Posts Strong Second Quarter Revenue And User Base Growth


LinkedIn’s community grew 9.2% compared to the previous quarter, hitting 238 million members, according to second quarter company results announced August 1.

This represents the largest percentage quarterly gain in users since the first quarter of 2012.

Average monthly unique visitors or UVs reached 143 million during the quarter — representing an 8.3% gain from the previous quarter. That’s marginally better than the quarterly gain in UVs realized in the previous four earnings results.

BII linkedin members uvs

Page views continue to skyrocket as users linger to consume content. This activity is in large part due to the success of the Influencers program — a kind of blogging platform for thought leaders to share expertise. LinkedIn has also launched industry-specific news channels.

LinkedIn’s strong revenue performance in the quarter shows that the company is successfully monetizing all the activity on its platform. Interestingly, ad sales were LinkedIn’s slowest-growing business, but it offset that drag with a strong showing in its personnel recruitment product (Talent Solutions), for which revenue was up 69%, and premium subscriptions, up 68%.

Download the chart and data in Excel.

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BII linkedin pageviews

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Global Media Share of Spend and Growth Rate Q1 2013 Nielsen


The two media types combined, however, still hold nearly a 30 percent media share, validating that print is still a power player in the media mix for marketers.


Display Internet advertising, though measured in a smaller subset of countries, grew a significant 26.3 percent for the first quarter. Display internet ad growth was particularly impressive in the Asia-Pacific (33.2%) and Latin America (48.2%) Internet even bucked the trend in Europe, boasting growth of 10.4 percent.

“We see trends continuing in media, with less-steep ad spend increases in TV and very slight declines in print, making way for growth in the digital space. Although these changes in traditional media are slight, it’s worth noting how the placement of ad dollars is shifting over time,” said Randall Beard, global head, Advertiser Solutions for Nielsen. “We’ll continue to monitor these shifts in media spending and the impact for marketers in the short and long term.”


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drag2share: EA revenue from downloads and web now overtaking that of disc-based games


Real Racing 3

If you think EA’s bottom line is primarily driven by endless Madden sequels, think again. In reporting its fiscal first quarter results, the studio has revealed that its digital businesses — DLC, mobile and the web — now generate more official revenue ($482 million) than disc-based games and distribution ($467 million). The company isn’t breaking down these figures, although it says that DLC and mobile are the main factors. We do know that iOS plays a crucial role — EA says that Apple is now its largest retail partner in terms of pure sales. The revenue shift isn’t completely surprising when the company is big on flagship mobile games and the free-to-play model, but it suggests that discs are losing some of their luster at one of the world’s largest developers.

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New Intuit Data Confirms Americans’ Spending Up 9 Percent Since 2009


The Intuit Consumer Spending Index is the latest index from Intuit Inc., which also produces the Intuit Small Business Employment and Revenue indexes. These indexes provide a unique view into the economy based on data from those among the 45 million customers Intuit serves through connected services like and QuickBooks small business accounting software.

U.S. consumers are spending again! After the historic spending lows of the 2008 recession, consumers are now spending about nine percent more than they did just four years ago. Gasoline, gift and healthcare spending have grown significantly, and the biggest spenders are men.

Those are just a few of the findings of the new Intuit Consumer Spending Index, which are from the actual, nearly real-time data anonymized and aggregated from, Intuit’s leading online and mobile personal finance software. Overlaid with demographic information including age, gender, income and location (provided by users if they so choose), this is the first report to accurately reflect the average American household’s spending – across ages and income levels, in every state – in a way that tracks to the current population.

National view
The Intuit Consumer Spending Index tracks national spending averages from January 2009 to April 2013. The data shows that Americans are rebounding – with hou! sehold spending up to approximately $4,220 per month in 2013 from $3,870 in 2009 (comparing first quarter of each calendar year).

National Average Monthly Spend _Intuit Consumer Spending Index

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Intel posts Q2 2013 earnings: revenue of $12.8 billion, net profit of $2 billlion


Intel logo

Intel just posted decidedly mixed results for the second quarter. While it largely matched its outlook from the first quarter with $12.8 billion in revenue and a healthy net profit of $2 billion, it also saw sharp year-over-year drops in revenue from some of its core divisions. The PC Client Group, which makes the brunt of Intel’s processors, saw its revenue decline 7.5 percent; the Other Intel Architecture Group, which primarily handles mobile chips, faced a 15 percent drop. Intel hasn’t explained the dip, although there are a pair of major factors at work. In addition to facing a very rough PC market, the company only launched its Haswell architecture late in the quarter — there hasn’t been much time for customers to buy the new chips. Intel says there’s “strong acceptance” from early Haswell customers, however, and its outlook for the current quarter is slightly rosier as a result — it expects to make the same $13.5 billion in revenue that we saw a year ago.


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Gartner and IDC: PC shipments dropped about 11 percent in Q2


IDC PC shipment estimates for Q2 2013, worldwide

If you were looking for a bounce-back in the PC market after a sobering first quarter… well, keep looking. Both Gartner and IDC estimate that shipments fell about 11 percent year-over-year in the second quarter. The two analyst groups blame the decline on sluggish uptake in a few regions, most notably China and Europe, as well as a market that favors tablets over low-end computers. It’s easy to agree after seeing the numbers. Taiwanese PC makers like Acer and ASUS faced steep yearly declines as they switched their attention toward tablets and Ultrabooks, while even top-seated Lenovo took a small bruising.

There’s a silver lining to this cloud, however. Dell, HP and Lenovo all fared much better in the US than they have in recent quarters. Gartner and IDC attribute the resurgence to the corporate world, where the end of Windows XP support in 2014 may be pushing some upgrades to PCs running at least Windows 7. It’s not quite the broader recovery that vendors are hoping for, but it may have to suffice when any help from Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks is months away.


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Mobile Now Accounts For More Than 10 Percent Of Online Video


Mobile continues to eat up an ever greater share of online video viewing.

According to Ooyala’s latest Global Video Index report, smartphones and tablets combined for a 10% share of time spent watching online video in March, doubling from 5% a year ago.

Tablets accounted for the greater share of online video viewing, at 6% of online video hours. This statistic is impressive considering that the installed base of smartphones substantially outnumbers that of tablets. Nearly as many smartphones were sold in the first quarter of this year, as tablets have been sold since the introduction of the iPad in 2010.

Long-form video continues to account for a substantial proportion of mobile video viewing. The percentage of time spent watching videos longer than 10 minutes was 53% and 52% on smartphones and tablets, respectively.

Publishers are eager to see mobile video take off, as it is one of the few bright spots in mobile monetization.

Click here to download chart and data in Excel.

Mobile's Share Of Online Video


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drag2share: Mobile Games Generate More Than Double The Revenue On iOS


Mobile Gaming Revenue On iOS Was 2.3x That Of Android (App Annie/IDC)
Despite a smaller installed base, mobile gaming revenue on iOS was still more than double that of Android in the first quarter of 2013. However, Google Play is growing quickly: gaming revenue doubled between the fourth quarter of 2012 and first quarter of this year. Apple generates a large share of its gaming revenue in the U.S., while Android is strong in South Korea.

Screen Shot 2013 06 12 at 5.22.41 PM

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