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drag2share: MORGAN STANLEY: iPhone Sales Could Be Up 28% This Quarter (AAPL)


Apple’s iPhone units could grow by 28% on a year-over-year basis this quarter, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

Huberty’s “Alphawise Smartphone Tracker” suggests Apple sells 34.5 million phones in the September quarter. The Street consensus for iPhone sales is in the low thirty millions.

A 28% increase over a year ago would be good considering Apple will only be selling new iPhones for about a week in the quarter. It’s also good considering Apple’s growth was at single digit levels earlier in the year.

Apple’s will never post insane 80%+ growth for the iPhone again. The market is mature, and Apple already sells a lot of phones making mega-growth nearly impossible.

But 28% is a solid, growing number, if accurate.

Morgan Stanley’s Alphawise tracker uses web search analysis and Google Trends to make a forecast. It sounds a little goofy, but last quarter Alphawise predicted 31.3 million units. Apple sold 31.2 million.

While this is good news for Apple, there’s more to the story.

Alphawise predicts a relatively massive quarter for Samsung. It’s expected to sell 47 million Galaxy phones, which would blow Apple out of the water.

Here’s a chart from Huberty that compares Alphawise estimates to actual results”

iPhone Morgan Stanley

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drag2share: REPORT: 100% Of Internet Users Could Have Ad-Blocking Software By 2018



Earlier this month, we told you about a report that found Google lost a whopping $887 million from ad blocking in 2012. A new study suggests that number might just be the tip of the iceberg.

In its latest report, the ad-block tracking firm PageFair found that 22.7 percent of ads on the 220 websites it looked at were blocked by browser extensions like AdBlock Plus. What’s more, PageFair said that if ad blocking continues growing at its current rate, the entire internet will be using some form of the service by 2018.

This is perhaps a bit over the top. As the New York Time astutely points out, PageFair makes money by helping companies avoid ad-blocking, so maximizing the threat is in the best interests of its bottom line.

Further, the data were collected only from websites that pay PageFair to track their ad-blocking rates, so it stands to reason that the websites surveyed were more likely to have been plagued by ad-blocking than the average publisher. Still, the report cited Google Trends data finding that searches for “adblock” more than doubled between July 2012 and July 2013.

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PSYs New Video is DETESTABLE and its views are FAKE

This is Google Trends search volume on YouTube video …  since virtually no one searched for it …  it is very unlikely those 150 million views are real.
gangnam style vs gentlemen
Inline image 2

You can buy 1,000 YouTube views for $5 — see below.

Inline image 1

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People Are Googling "Who Is Running for President" Right Up to the End


America: People Are Googling "Who Is Running for President" Right Up to the EndAmerica, the Great Republic, is holding her elections today. And her voters, you voters, are, uh, still frantically Googling to find out who’s running for President.

That’s a Google Trends chart above, showing how often people in the United States have searched for “who is running for president”. As you can see, it’s spiked heavily in the past month, and again, higher still, in the past WEEK. The election is today, for god’s sake. “Does anyone know who is running for president? I HAVE TO GO VOTE ON IT TODAY.” Et cetera.

Others are taking to Twitter:

So whose running for president this year?

— Austin Moylan (@moylanator41) November 6, 2012

The orignal graphic floating around is even more horrifying, but it demonstrates the search term’s popularity over 8 years, worldwide. Of course traffic is higher in a more digitally integrated world in 2012, and people will search for the term more than in 2008 and 2004. Google’s just bigger now. But still. STILL. Look at the US-only, 12-month chart here. It’s still pretty damn insane. Maybe the Onion has it right. [Atlantic, BGR]

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the ephemerality of the Superbowl halo

 super bowl commercials lead to 20+% of Google’s top 100 searches

Day 1 – 20 of 100 related to ads

Day 2 – 6 of 100 

Day 3 – 1 of 100

Day 4 – ZERO


Denny’s took top honors, securing 3 of the top 20 searches. Vizio also took 3 of the top 100. the search halo from TV is well documented. Modern consumers want to and need to do more research. The total reach can be calculated from the  estimated 147 million people who watched the superbowl plus the search volume of each of the top search terms. 





By the day after, the number of commercials still being searched for dropped to 6 of the top 100. But Denny’s still took 2 of the top 100, Jack in the box too another 2. Vizio 1 and Godaddy 1. 




the traffic does see a lift. But since we dont have comScore’s March numbers yet, the following graph does not show the drop back to “normal” levels.  In the case of godaddy,which also did a superbowl ad in Feb 08, you can see the traffic to the website dropping back down by March 08. 


Superbowl porn  super bowl porn — accidental clip of porn shown during prime time due to technical glitch or hackers?

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made up words are great for tracking blog buzz and search volume

can anyone tell when Subway launched their new ad campaign?


and GE’s Ecoimagination brand campaign?


compare this to American Express, which chose the word “Open” for their small business credit card.


if users DID type in “american express open” it might be easier to detect.


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