Android’s problem isn’t fragmentation, it’s contamination


This thought was first given voice by Myriam Joire on last night’s Mobile Podcast, and the simple, lethal accuracy of it has haunted me ever since. All the hubbub and unrest about whether Google is trying to lock Android down or not has failed to address whether Google should be trying to control the OS, and if so, what the (valid) reasons for that may be. Herein, I present only one, but it’s arguably big enough to make all the dissidence about open source idealism and promises unkept fade into insignificance.

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Long Live – a Web 2.0 Pioneer

UPDATED:  June 19, 2011.   Community curation (a bunch of people giving news items thumbs up) will live on.  Added Delicious bookmarks (community bookmarking and tagging).

Long live the spirit of – community curation will live on …

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