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That AT&T Video Of A High School Football Player Doing A Flip Over An Opponent Is FAKE

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/att-video-of-high-school-football-flip-is-fake-2012-11

AT&T is currently airing a great commercial featuring what appears to be amateur video of a high school football player dodging a tackle by performing a head-over-heels flip, before landing on his feet to make a touchdown.

But the flip was faked.

The ad is based on a YouTube video titled “High school scrimmage flip (hello!)” that has been seen by nearly 800,000 people. Here it is:

The ad, made by BBDO Atlanta, purports to tell the tale of what happened to the nameless player after that video went viral, and he is introduced to a college talent scout. Here’s the ad:

But AgencySpy recently called out the original video as fake, simply because it was made into an ad by BBDO. The video was published on YouTube on October 2; AT&T’s version appeared on October 27.

Business Insider can confirm, however, that the backflip was staged, and not a real video caught by a fan at a local game.

The account holder of the original video is “S.Mc.Yahoo! Sports figured out that the account belongs to someone called Stephen McMennamy. That’s because there is a Google+ account for “S.Mc.” which lists a “Stephen McMennamy” as the holder of the YouTube account that uploaded the video.

Neither account has any more information than that.

Stephen McMennamyBut over on LinkedIn, it turns out that Stephen McMennamy is the creative director for BBDO Atlanta.

What are the odds that McMennamy was the one who owned the original rights to this stunning piece of high school sports video before it was made into an ad by AT&T?

We contacted a BBDO spokesperson and he confessed that the video was in fact staged for AT&T.

It’s a cute ad. And seeding a fake “amateur” video on YouTube for more than a month before airing the ad that pays homage to it was strategic genius. But it ain’t real.


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The NFL Is Still King Among American Sports Fans

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/chart-nfl-is-still-king-among-american-sports-fans-2011-10

In a recent survey by Scarborough Sports Marketing, 62 percent of American Adults listed the NFL as a sport in which they have at least a little interest. That was tops among all sports, easily out-pacing Major League Baseball with 49 percent.

It also might be time to reconsider what we call a “major sport” in the United States. The NBA came in fifth, behind college football. And the NHL was 12th, behind NASCAR, high school sports, and figure skating.

Interestingly, MLB is not even the second most popular “sport.” They fall behind the Olympics, which is more of an event than a sport, but I say tomato, and you say tomato (wait, that doesn’t work as well when not spoken out loud).

Here are the 20 most popular sports among American adults…

Most popular sports

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