These Were The 20 Most Popular Ads On YouTube In 2012


toyota ad women couch

There are the ads you have to watch — and the ads you actually want to watch.

From Snoop Dogg/Lion rapping about Hot Pockets to a Nike Football spot that got 20 million-plus hits in less than seven months, YouTube compiled a list of 2012’s best-of-the-best: The 20 ads that people actually chose to see, sometimes over and over again.

According to its blog, “The 2012 YouTube Ads Leaderboard celebrates the U.S. ads that most moved audiences through a winning combination of promotion (paid ads) and popularity (organic views). And with over 200 million combined views, it’s proof that if you make it great, they will come.”

While some agencies showed its endless ability to make viewing gold — Wieden + Kennedy had seven ads on the list including the top spot and four Old Spice ads — there were other smaller shops that also cracked the viral code.

20. Old Spice’s “Vending Machine” ad was viewed 3,885,113 times.

Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Media agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Uploaded 2/1/12

19. Old Spice’s “Bed” ad was viewed 4,245,346 times.

Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy 

Media agencyWieden+Kennedy

Uploade! d 9/22/1 2

18. Fiat’s “House Arrest” ad starring Charlie Sheen was viewed 4,271,297 times.

Creative agency: Doner 

Media agency: Universal McCann

Uploaded 3/1/12

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The Taliban Is Using Facebook Profiles Of Hot Chicks To Gather US Intelligence


Facebook Scary

Australian defense analysts are briefing their troops to be careful on Facebook because the Taliban is using pictures of cute girls to lure Ausies, and Coalition Forces, into giving up secrets.

A Defence Analysis called “Review of Social Media And Defense,” which is based almost solely on a patchwork of American Defense Department information, had this to say:

Fake profiles – media personnel and enemies create fake profiles
to gather information. For example, the Taliban have used pictures
of attractive women as the front of their Facebook profiles and have
befriended soldiers.

Kind of interesting to lump “media personnel” in there along with enemies. The analysis said troops have an “overt reliance” on privacy settings, and often don’t screen people looking to “make friends” online. Taliban often pose as high school friends or “attractive women,” gaining a “back door” into profiles that would otherwise be protected.

Officials also warn about photos:

In the survey carried out for this review, the cadets mostly focused on the following points to
protect against risks:
• No identifiable photos of bad behavior.
• Pictures in uniform only if behaving appropriately.
• No photos with guns, Rambo-style.
• No negative references to ADFA or Defence.

So the Defence force doesn’t mind bad behaviour, as long as it’s not identifiable on Facebook? Rambo-style photography?

Photos can be a problem though, especially due to smart phones and “geotagging” – a process which embeds location information inside the photo! . A security expert told The Herald Sun, an Australian online publication, that geo-tag information “can be data-mined and sold to anybody.”

Recent growth in infrastructure in Afghanistan, such as the use of WiFi, has provided a new dimension for the Taliban to conduct warfare. In a lot of ways, the Coalition Forces have been behind the Taliban. Until recently, many units advised their troops to just stay off of social media.

Now, militaries across the globe have accepted social media, and include it in their regular readiness briefs.




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Nokia Released a Hot Pink Nail Polish to Commemorate the Release of Its New Pink Lumia [Wtf]


Style Is Dead: Nokia Released a Hot Pink Nail Polish to Commemorate the Release of Its New Pink LumiaI got a neon pink pedicure earlier this afternoon and now I’m kinda regretting it, because Nokia seems to have co-opted the color pink, as well as the medium of nail polish, with this ridiculous Nokia Lumia-branded hot pink nail lacquer. Ugh.

As if Facebook-branded YSL eye-palettes weren’t bad enough, here comes Nokia, wrapping its meaty pink fist around what I was told today is “the” color of this summer’s fingers and toes.

The polish was designed by Duality Cosmetics and is being used in manicure booths at Lumia events in Denver, Dallas, and Los Angeles—where label whores Lumia lovers can receive manicures to match their phones from Nicki Minaj’s own personal nail artist, Kandy Banks. Fancy. [DesignTaxi]

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Hot Travel Startup Hipmunk Goes After Company Demanding Patent Payout


Troll 400x300

Startup Hipmunk is taking legal action against i2z Technology over a patent dispute.

The patent in question, No. 5,345,551, is one that allows for content to be displayed on numerous windows.

Hipmunk is suing the company after i2z initially stated Hipmunk was infringing on its patent and demanded a licensing agreement.

The other company, i2z Technology, is a shell business located in Texas and run by a lawyer based out of California, according to GigaOm.

The company doesn’t appear to provide any service or product but instead gathers patents in order to make money through licensing or litigation—what’s known in the business as a “non-practicing entity,” or, less politely, a “patent troll.”

This request came right after Hipmunk secured $15 million in funding.

The travel startup, which allows users to search for flights and hotels, didn’t take the bait. It says that i2z Technology has tried to pull this stunt with other companies, including Yelp, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and many others.

In its lawsuit, Hipmunk states, “the products and services on its travel search site do not infringe, contribute to the infringement of, or induce others to infringe any valid and enforceable claim of the ’551 patent, either directly or indirectly, either literally or under the doctrine of equivalents.”

Hipmunk’s lawsuit shouldn’t come as a surprise to people familiar with the startup. One of the advisors, Alexis Ohanian, is an outspoken advocate for internet freedom and in the past has protested against SOPA. It wouldn’t be shocking to see him take on patent reform.

Check out the lawsuit in its entirety:

Hipmunk Versus i2z Technology

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This Wendy’s Coupon Offering A ‘Free Small Hot Original Redhead’ Is Confusing Everybody


redhead wendys coupon

Ah, the perils of confusing coupons.

This coupon from Wendy’s recently caused quite a fuss when it was posted on Reddit. The general reaction was: what (or who) the heck is the “Redhead” that it’s selling?

No, Wendy’s isn’t peddling crimson-haired humans with any purchase.

Luckily, some of the more well-informed Redditors shared their knowledge:

“A “redhead” is their stupid coffee 🙁 I got all excited when I saw the sign thinking it was a red, spicy buffalo sandwich (or a real redhead which I would have preferred 😉 ) But it is just coffee :(“

And now we know.

On Wendy’s end, it shows a disconnect in its marketing. Something like the Redhead, which obviously isn’t a commonly known brand, needs a bit of context.

NOW SEE: 13 Epic Twitter Fails By Big Brands >

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This Hot New York Startup Looks An Awful Lot Like eBay After Six Years


There’s a reason people call Etsy the next eBay. Six years after their founding, both companies are showing eerily similar growth curves. Admittedly, Etsy is tackling a smaller slice of online retail than eBay, but that didn’t bother the investors who valued the company at an estimated $688 million in its latest round of funding. 

chart of the day, ebay vs etsy merchendise sales, may 2012

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The New iPad is Hot Because Its Processor is 310 Percent Huger


Maybe the New iPad Is Hot Because Its Processor Is 310% HugerApple’s unapologetically selling a new iPad that’ll go up to 116 degrees in your hands while playing a game. Maybe they should have done something about that, yeah. But the tablet’s new processor is so massive, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Chipworks, which compared the new hotness (am I right?) on the right to the first iPad’s A4 processor on left, has a pretty striking comparison on its hands:

The Apple A4, which by all accounts is still commercially viable given the price of used Apple products on craigslist, measured in at 53.3 mm². Only two (and a half?) generations later, we have the Apple A5X weighing in at 165 mm² – a whopping 310% larger.

It’s worth noting that the A5X is still built using a 45 nm fabrication process—which in human English refers to the size of the tiniest parts each chip is made out of. The smaller the number, the more transistors can be packed onto a processor, which generally translates into a more efficient, cooler chip. Apple didn’t make its CPU more sophisticated in order to crank out more retina display-filling power—it just made it humungous. [Chipworks via Cult of Mac]

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Hate To Be Rude, But Facebook Is Not The Next Google. It’s Not Even Close (GOOG)


Information about Facebook’s 2011 revenues and operating profits leaked last week, just ahead of this week’s expected IPO filing.

If CNBC’s reporting is accurate, the numbers are disappointing for a company that’s supposed to be valued at $75 billion to $100 billion when its shares start trading.

Revenues came in at $3.8 billion, less than an expected $4+ billion. Operating profits were $1.5 billion, less than an expected $2 billion.

Facebook’s results look particularly disappointing in comparison to Google’s first seven years of business. We’ve drawn out that comparison below. 

The comparison is actually worse than it looks. Remember, Google was born at time when Internet usage, and online ad spending, wasn’t even half of what it is today. 

The fact is, Facebook is a huge consumer hit – 850 million people us the site each month – but it’s ad products are not, really. 

Google’s ad products are business magic. Consumers see ads for products that they literally want to see. 

So far, Facebook hasn’t found that kind of magic. Investors looking at Facebook’s S1 filing this week will have to wonder if it ever will.

chart of the day, revenue after launch for tech companies, 01/31/12

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These Five Companies Control 64% Of All Online Ad Spending (GOOG, YHOO, MSFT, AOL)


Interesting piece of data from digital marketing guy/VC Darren Herman: Just five companies control 64% of all online spending. (Incredibly, Google controls 46% of all online spending.)

One thing to note, says Herman: “With Facebook only now starting to monetize their platform, you can start to see how big an impact they could have on the dominance of the digital advertising landscape.”

chart of the day, digital advertising, oct 2011

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Superbowl 44 Ads That Made It

Sadly only 2 made it on Google’s Hot Trends today (Day 1) after Superbowl 44. We may hit ZERO on Day 2.

Google Hot Trends

Twitter Trending

Last year, by Day 3, the advertisers who paid for Superbowl ads dropped off the Hot Trends list.

See The Ephemerality of Superbowl Halo

Yep, like I said, by Day 2 (Feb 9) the 2 that were on dropped off.  But Denny’s made the top 20 …

Feb 9 Hot Trends

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