Android Continues To Crowd Apple Out Of The Global Smartphone Market


Updated global smartphone platform shipment numbers show that nearly 80% of the smartphones shipped during the last quarter run on Android.

That’s a significant climb from just under 70% a year ago.

The strong jump can be attributed to the immediate success of Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S4. But the predominantly Android-centric Chinese manufacturers — Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo — also helped spur growth. Each manufacturer shipped around 11 million units last quarter, according to the latest data from IDC.

The pace of Android’s expansion far exceeded Apple’s, resulting in Apple ceding six percentage points in market share year-over-year.

It should be noted that no new Apple devices have been launched since September 2012. When the iPhone 5 launched, it helped boost quarterly shipments 23% year-over-year.

Android is not the only platform growing, however. Windows Phone grabbed a percentage point to reach 3.7% market share.

It has firmly entrenched itself in third place in the smartphone wars. BlackBerry’s market share continues to decline, despite the release of its BlackBerry 10 OS.

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Here’s another look at the shipments data in volume terms. Android is dictating global smartphone market growth.

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drag2share: Porn Filtering System David Cameron Praised Has Alleged Chinese Military Ties


David Cameron United Kingdom

The filtering system praised by British Prime Minister David Cameron is controlled by Huawei, a controversial Chinese company with alleged ties to that nation’s government, BBC reports.

The ‘Homesafe’ system run by Huawei-subsidiary Talktalk, is part of a new plan requiring UK internet service providers to automatically block online pornography, and has been criticized as a huge violation of privacy. Especially when you need to actively contact your provider and tell them if you want the filter lifted.

The founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, is a former officer in China’s People’s Liberation Army. For nearly a decade, the company has been part of the UK telecommunications infrastructure — with BT as their largest client.

So far, there have been no concerns over the BT connection, but the new filter — with TalkTalk sending web traffic to Huawei to check against their blacklist — raises some concerns. A recent report from the UK’s Intelligence and Security Committee addressed some of them.

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Smartphones out-shipped feature phones for the first time ever worldwide, says IDC


Smartphones outsell feature phones for the first time, says IDC

Q1 2013 marks the first time that smartphones made up the majority of cellphones shipped across the world, according to numbers from industry analyst IDC. 216 million handsets with computer-like functionality left factories compared to 419 million total, making up a solid 51.6 percent of the pie. Another trend spotted by the pollster was the emergence of Chinese phone makers, particularly ZTE and Huawei, who’ve notably displaced Blackberry and Nokia in the top five for smartphones sold.

Meanwhile, Samsung improved its lead over Apple in smartphone shipments over last quarter, jumping from 29 percent to a 32.7 percent share in Q1, while Apple slid from 21.8 percent to 17.3 percent. Sony dropped out of the top 5 in that category, while LG surged to 3rd place at 10.3 million units shipped, with Huawei and ZTE rounding out the top 5. Meanwhi! le, Sams ung and Nokia continued to dominate overall cellphone shipments with a 27.5 and 14.8 percent share of the overall market, respectively. However, Nokia itself isn’t too optimistic about the feature phone portion of those sales continuing, as it mentioned in its last financial statement. And the fact that people are happy to surf the web on their phones? As we’ve seen, that doesn’t bode too well for the computer industry.

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Samsung extends lead over Apple in smartphone marketshare, while Huawei and ZTE increase influence


Right heels of too many financial reports and yet more smartphone research, IDC has weighed in with its own thoughts and analysis, noting that demand for smartphones is — unsurprisingly — not letting up. While the global market for mobile phones grew by 1.9 percent in the last quarter, “strong holiday smartphone sales” meant that units shipped were almost equal that of cheaper feature phones. 219.4 million smartphones shipped — 45.5 percent of all phone shipments — was slightly below IDC’s optimistic predictions for Q4, but it’s still been a notable quarter for new competitors like Huawei, which elbowed LG out from the top 5. IDC’s senior analyst Kevin Restivo puts it down to Huawei’s advantage in low-cost devices, not to mention its placement within China — a country that can’t get enough of phones.

ZTE also placed within IDC’s Top 5 smartphone vendor leaderboard in the last quarter, with a 4.3 percent marketshare, although Samsung (29 percent) and Apple (21.8 percent) continued to dominate the top spots. Samsung saw a 76 percent increase since Q4 2011, extending its lead over the iPhone maker, while Huawei, now third, saw an 89.5 percent year-on-year increase on its smartphone shipments. Estimates on Sony‘s shipments place it fourth, with a decent 55.6 percent change since the same quarter in 2011.

Annual smartphone sales saw a more familiar pecking order, with Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC and RIM filling the lead positions. Year-on-year changes for Nokia, HTC and RIM were negative, likely affected on both sides by the aforementioned champions and new contenders — the Finnish phone maker dropped shipments by 54.6 percent according to IDC’s figures. Prefer your metrics and year-on-year changes tabled? Well, we’ve added both the quarterly and annual summaries right after the break.

IDC Samsung extends lead over Apple in smartphone marketshare, while Huawei and ZTE increase influence

IDC Samsung extends lead over Apple in smartphone marketshare, while Huawei and ZTE increase influence

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Source: IDC

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Samsung Is The World’s Largest Smartphone Manufacturer By A Long Shot


This chart comes from Business Insider Intelligence, a new research and and analysis service focused on the mobile and Internet industries. Sign up for a free trial here.

In the case of smartphone makers, a rising tide does not lift all boats equally.

According to estimates from Canaccord Genuity, Samsung has shot further ahead of the pack as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, shipping 56.3 million units in the third quarter. 

Apple is in an increasingly distant, but still formidable, second place.

Apple’s consolation is that it still takes a larger share of industry profits, despite shipping approximately half as many units as Samsung. 

The rest of the industry is grouped around five to nine million quarterly smartphone shipments.

One notable exception is Nokia, which only sold 2.9 million Windows-powered Lumia phones in the quarter. Lumia sales were ravaged after Microsoft announced that current Lumia owners would not get a full upgrade to Windows Phone 8. With Windows Phone 8 now launched, Nokia needs to see significant growth in sales if the one-time large! st manuf acturer of smartphones is to halt its tailspin.

Two other manufacturers to watch are Chinese up-and-comers Huawei and ZTE, which have catapulted from nowhere to 7.6 and 6.8 million smartphone shipments last quarter, respectively. The companies specialize in low-cost smartphones and could make a huge splash in the market with the heft of the Chinese government’s support. Those close ties, however, have drawn scrutiny from regulators in some markets.

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