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The Changing Nature of the American Household


Census-Changing-US-Household-Types-1970-2012-Sept2013Marketers often look at household groups, whether they be TV households or high-income households. But what does the typical American household look like? A new study [pdf] from the Census Bureau analyzing a couple of its broader population surveys shows that the constitution of the American household has evolved considerably in the past 4 decades or so, such that there really is no typical household type anymore. For example, as of last year, so-called “nuclear families” accounted for just 19.6% of US households, down from 40.3% in 1970.

While the percentage of households made up of married couples with children has seen a marked decline, other household types have grown more common. Men living alone now represent 12.3% of all households, up from 8.6% in 1980 and just 5.6% in 1970. Additionally, women living alone account for 15.2% of all households, up from 11.5% in 1970.

To be fair, the biggest changes in household dynamics occurred between 1970 and 1980, as the above chart illustrates. But each of those trends has only continued to strengthen since 1980: in the past decade alone, the share of households counted as married couples with children has dropped by almost 5% points.

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Lower-Income Households Less Likely to Subscribe to Pay-TV Services


LRG-TV-Homes-Multi-Channel-Video-Aug201386% of TV households in the US subscribe to some type of multi-channel video service, according to new research from Leichtman Research Group, a figure in line with recent estimates from Digital TV Research, but higher than figures from GfK. However, there’s a big gap when sorting by household income: TV households with annual incomes less than $50,000 are more than twice as likely to forgo a subscription than those with incomes greater than $50,000 (20% vs. 9%). That implies that cost plays a significant role, a theory supported by a recent study from pivot.

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