Consumers No Longer Associating Name Brands With Higher Quality


IntegerGroupM:A:R:C-Name-Brands-Quality-Perceptions-Sept201383% of Americans are either buying as the same amount of (48%) or more (35%) private label brands than last year, a figure which has held steady over the past couple of years, per new data from The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research. Part of the challenge for name brands is that perceived advantages in areas traditionally considered to be their strong suits – such as innovation and quality – have eroded.

This year, just 29% of respondents said they believe name brands are better quality products. That’s down from 36% last year and 43% the year before. Private label acceptance in this area is particularly significant, as 54% of respondents cited quality as their top priority when shopping for everyday products.

Moreover, this year only a minority 45% of respondents believe that brands names offer more new products, varieties and innovations compared to store or private label brands. In 2010, a majority 56% felt that way.

Last year, a study by Ipsos found 7 in 10 consumers agreeing that store brands were either better than or about the same as national brands in terms of offering high-quality products. Similarly, most respondents at the time said that store brands were on equal or better footing when it came to offering products they trust (78%) and offering innovative products (67%).

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Evolution of il Laboratorio Digitale – Big Data Analytics Driven Digital Strategy

2013 – seven screens (7 x 55″ HDTVs)

7,560 x 1,920 resolution - 164" diagonal super wide screen

7,560 x 1,920 resolution – 164″ super wide screen

2013 – quintscreens  (5 x 47″ HDTVs)

Quintscreens by Augustine Fou

Five 47inch HDTVs in portrait – 130 inch diagonal; 5,400 x 1,920 total resolution (5k)

For more info see:×1-setup-for-mini-innovation.html

2014 – 50 inch 4k

desk monitor 50 inch 4k

2012 – quadscreens  (4 x 24″ LED monitors)

quad screens 4 x 24inch LED monitors augustine fou

Quad Screens (4,320 x 1,920) – 4 x 24″ LED monitors


2008 – quadscreens  (4 x 20″ LCD monitors)

quadscreens by Augustine Fou

Quad Screens (4,200 x 1,680) – 4 x 20″ LCD monitors

2006 – triple screens  (3 x 20″ monitors)

triple screens augustine fou

triplescreens (3,150 x 1,680) from 3 x 20″ monitors

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C-Suite Execs: More CEOs Are Personally Sponsoring Digital Business Initiatives


McKinsey-C-Suite-Involvement-Digital-Biz-Initiatives-Sept2013CEOs are becoming more personally involved in digital business initiatives, according to a recent study from the McKinsey Group. The survey, of 850 C-level executives from around the world, found 31% saying that CEOs personally sponsor such initiatives at their organization, a marked increase from 23% indicating that to be the case last year. Interestingly, respondents also suggested that CIOs have  more direct engagement in these activities than CMOs.

The study examined participation in 5 digital-enterprise trends:

  • Big data and advanced analytics;
  • Digital engagement of customers;
  • Digital engagement of employees and external partners;
  • Automation; and
  • Digital innovation.

63% of respondents indicated that CIOs are either supportive and sponsoring these initiatives (26%) or supportive and directly engaged (37%) in them, with 54% concurring with respect to CMO involvement. (An analysis of the CMO/CIO relationship can be found here.)

Also of note: this year, 37% said the CFO is sponsoring digital business initiatives or otherwise directly engaged, up from 32% last year.

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drag2share: PRISM: The NSA Leaks Are Starting To Hit The Bottom Lines Of Tech Companies


dell cloud storagageRevelations about vast US data collection programs are starting to hit American tech companies, which are ramping up pressure for increased transparency to try to mitigate the damage.

An industry group, the Cloud Security Alliance said last month that 10 percent of its non-US members have cancelled a contract with a US-based cloud provider, and 56 percent said they were less likely to use an American company.

A separate report this month by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, or ITIF, a Washington think tank, said US cloud providers stand to lose $22 billion to $35 billion over the next three years due to revelations about the so-called PRISM program.

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The Story Of How The Retired Bosses Of Orbitz, Expedia And Travelocity Decided To Create Kayak, Now A $1.8 Billion Company (PCLN)


Travelocity founder and Kayak chairman Terry Jones stopped by the BI offices the other day to talk about his new book, ON Innovation.

During the interview, he talked about how Kayak – now a $1.8 billion company, thanks to a buyout offer from – got created after a dinner he shared with the former heads of Orbitz and Expedia.

It’s a fun story.

I told him it reminded me of a bunch of mob bosses meeting in a smoky room and deciding to launch a new syndicate.

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2 slideshares on innovation


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Relevant Innovation – FreshDirect Flowers

Leveraging their existing distribution to bring next-day flowers — awesome. 
Inline image 1

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LinkedIn Is Turning Itself Into A Very Valuable Media Company (LNKD)


jeff weiner

LinkedIn is successfully turning itself into a media company, notes Scott Devitt at Morgan Stanley.

This is fairly obvious to anyone who has been paying close attention, but it’s worth mentioning again.

LinkedIn Today started off as an aggregation of news for LinkedIn users. The content is tailored to what they enjoy. As it became more popular, LinkedIn asked people to write original content for LinkedIn. That too is proving to be successful.

Now that LinkedIn Today is an established platform, CEO Jeff Weiner revealed yesterday his plans for making money on LinkedIn’s content. He says it will be a content marketing platform. It sounds like LinkedIn will use LinkedIn Today to sell sponsored posts, doing advertising like BuzzFeed, where a marketer puts its message in the format that readers of LinkedIn Today are comfortable with.

This is the trendy ad format right now. For LinkedIn, it’s a pretty great fit. Unlike at a traditional media organization, LinkedIn’s content often involves marketing, innovation, and ideas. For big tech brands trying to connect with professionals, sponsored content will be a pretty good deal.

It’s another line of business for one of the most financially diverse tech companies in Silicon Valley.

It’s also a clever way for a social network to do advertising. Often, advertising on social networks either feels irrelevant or intrusive.

Here’s the short blurb from Devitt at Morgan Stanley on what Weiner said:


New opportunities in Marketing Solutions from original content: Jeff Weiner mentioned that Marketing Solutions was one of the opportunities he is most excited about as the company moves forward. In addition to robust opportunities in traditional B2C and B2B advertising, LinkedIn is in the early stages of establishing itself as valuable content marketing platform. Insights from thought leaders and companies sharing white papers / other valuable professional insights create incremental monetization opportunities through sponsored posts on the LinkedIn homepage.

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Diginnovia – Innovation in the Digital Age

Diginnovia – Innovation in the Digital Age from Dr Augustine Fou

Digital has changed the world around us; even innovation must change. First presented at the World Technology Forum October 23, 2012, New York City #WTN2012

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$30 billion net revenue, $1.5 billion net earnings, big drop in PC sales


HP reported results for its first fiscal quarter of 2012 this afternoon, including $30 billion in net revenue (down seven percent from the previous year), and net earnings of $1.5 billion (down a full 44 percent). Partly contributing to that drop is a slump from its Personal Systems Group, which saw revenue slip 15 percent year-over-year, and total desktop and notebook units decline a rather drastic 19 and 18 percent, respectively. The company’s Imaging and Printing Group also saw a seven percent decline in revenue, with the total number of printer units slipping 15 percent. HP’s services business managed to eke out a one percent growth with revenue of $8.6 billion, though, while its software business saw the biggest growth in any one area at 30 percent (that includes results from the recently-acquired Autonomy). The company’s full rundown can be found in the press release after the break, with additional numbers available at the source link below.

Update: On the company’s earnings call, CEO Meg Whitman laid some of the blame for PSG’s decline on hard drive shortages, but also said that HP has “under-invested in innovation for the last several years” and “been late to market too often,” adding that “we have to lead again.” A transcript of Whitman’s prepared remarks can be found here.

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