drag2share: LinkedIn is Preferred by a Wide Margin for Professional Social Networking


All of these ad products have targeting capabilities, pin-pointing LinkedIn members by job title, industry, company size, interests, and seniority.

BII social media professionalsUp to three LinkedIn ads are shown in each ad placement on the website. These locations are:

  • Profile Page – When users view the profile of other LinkedIn members.
  • Homepage – The page members see after they sign in to LinkedIn.
  • Inbox – The page where members see messages and invitations to connect.
  • Search Results Page – The page that results when you search for a member by name.
  • Groups – When members view pages in their group.


  • As one of the largest social media platforms on the Web, and a hub for professional networking, LinkedIn can be a powerful resource for sales and marketing professionals.
  • LinkedIn’s InMail products allow you to reach LinkedIn users directly to pitch them products and services. One sales team saw open rates of 8.2% for InMail ads.
  • LinkedIn has begun to develop social ads that appear in-stream and prompt users to follow companies their connections also follow.
  • Spend the time to make sure your individual and company profiles conform to SEO best practices, so that people associate you with being a thought leader in your industry.

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Google selects Glass Explorers, will send invites to winners over the next few days


What would you do if you had Glass? Google asked you to share your plans last month, offering up 8,000 coveted reservations in the search giant’s “Explorers” program. Now, the company has finally selected the winners, and plans to send out order invitations “over the next few days.” Sadly, invite recipients will still need to hand over $1,500 (plus tax) for their very own set, and the program is currently limited to folks in the US, but this was still the best opportunity to get an early look at Glass, making it a very appealing program, despite the cost. Google received many creative applications, including a proposal from JetBlue, but only individual users will have an opportunity to make a purchase this time around — the company says that it’s “working on connecting with businesses in other ways.” Congratulations to the lucky winners — feel free to send us a tip when word finally hits your Google+ or Twitter inbox.

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Source: Project Glass (Google+)

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