Flipboard brings magazines to the web, launches ‘Big Ideas’


Flipboard brings magazines to the web, launches 'Big Ideas'

By now you’re probably familiar with user-created magazines on Flipboard, a feature that was introduced for iOS back in March and added to Android in May. Starting today, you’ll be able to enjoy Flipboard magazines on the web, including access to the By Our Readers section. This web edition even lets users with Flipboard accounts subscribe to magazines and “flip” stories right from within the browser. While the mobile app is still the best way to fully experience Flipboard, the web edition supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9+ in eleven languages. Moreover, the company is introducing “Big Ideas”, a new category in the Flipboard Content Guide which “celebrates innovative ideas, great speeches, industry thought leaders and inspirational organizations.” Take a look the gallery below and find the PR after the break.

Gallery: Flipboard magazines on the web

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Regional Economic Woes Drag Down Worldwide Total Media Ad Spend Growth

Ad spending on major media worldwide will be up 2.8% this year, new figures from eMarketer suggest, after a 4.4% climb in 2012 that was boosted in part by spending on the Olympics.

Slower growth this year will bring the total spent to $516.95 billion, which includes spending on digital (including mobile), directories, magazines, newspapers, outdoor ads, radio and TV.

2014 will once again see a jump in growth closer to 5%, due in part to expected outlays around the FIFA World Cup that year in Brazil. By 2017, spending will reach $616.65 billion.

The fastest growth in spending will come from emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America, where regional growth this year will reach 8% and 7.5%, respectively—significantly higher than the worldwide average. Spending growth is also projected to come in above average this year in the Middle East and Africa, at 6.9%, and North America, including the US, at 3.4%.

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Hearst starts publishing iPad magazines days before print editions


Hearst starts publishing iPad magazines days before print, sees something in digital after all

Magazine publishers have more directly embraced tablets over more than a year as it became clearer that they were boosting the bottom line. We may be witnessing a watershed moment today, however. Hearst has started publishing issues for 22 of its magazines in the iOS Newsstand days before their print equivalents hit the racks — that we can tell, the first time a major magazine producer has given tablets an early lead. While the full terms aren’t public, Apple has confirmed to AllThingsD that other publishers are welcome to take the same route, and it mentions in the App Store that other online stores don’t have the same privilege. The early access has clear competitive benefits for both Apple and Hearst, which get customers to flock away from competing e-bookstores and publications, but it’s also a sign of Hearst’s confidence in the tablet as a medium: much like movie studios, it’s betting that digital is strong enough to stand on its own.

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Advertising Outlook 2012 – 2016

1. the overall advertising “pie” will shrink because the new efficiencies enabled by “digital” will allow advertisers to spend less (e.g. media placement dollars) and still drive the same or greater business impact

2. there will be a continued shift to digital, especially for companies that have products that benefit from more consumers coming online to do more research — e.g. bigger ticket items or items that require more consideration and research

3. because of the massive reach of Facebook, it will siphon branding dollars that used to be allocated to traditional one-way mass media such as TV; but in the short term magazines and newspapers will “hurt” the most, since they can’t even offer competitive mass reach any more – relative to Facebook.

Trends in Advertising by Augustine Fou Chief Digital Strategist from Dr Augustine Fou

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Google Is Bigger Than The U.S. Print Ad Business (GOOG, NYT, NWS, GCI)


Here’s a look at how Google has been swallowing up the print business. Its ad revenues in the first half of this year were greater than the ad revenues of newspapers and U.S. magazines, according to German statistics site Statista (via Slate).

chart of the day, google advertising revenue, nov 2012

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How Apple’s Magazine Subscription Plan Helped Sell More Copies Of Popular Science (AAPL)


We’re still in the early days of magazines on tablets, but this chart from Peter Kafka at All Things D showing sales of Popular Science’s iPad app looks pretty decent for publishers.

As you can see sales have been steadily climbing and got a nice boost when Apple introduced the “newsstand,” which makes it easier for users to subscribe to magazines.

chart of the day, cumulative subscription sales through itunes, dec 23 2011

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Amazon bringing 400 magazines, newspapers, flame retardants to Kindle Fire


It’s been a busy week for the Kindle Fire. First came news that Amazon would be bringing Facebook, Hulu and “several thousand” other apps to its forthcoming tablet, and now, we’ve got confirmation that hundreds of magazines and newspapers are on their way, as well. Yesterday, the company announced that more than 400 “full-color” titles will be available on the Kindle Fire Newsstand, including Us Weekly, The New Yorker and Reader’s Digest, among others. Users who subscriber before March 1st, meanwhile, will be able to access a full 17 Condé Nast titles for free, as part of a three-month offer. Amazon is also promising plenty of interactive editions with built-in video and audio, which you’ll be able to check out for yourself next week, when the Fire begins shipping. For more details, check out the full press release after the break.

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The Reason Why Publishers Started Putting Their Magazines on the iPad


When Apple announced their digital subscription rules and locked down the iPad, publishers weren’t exactly rushing to bring their subscriptions over. And then all of a sudden Conde Nast, Hearst, and Time Inc brought their magazines to the iPad. What changed?

According to Forbes, the biggest hurdle for publishers wasn’t the 30% cut that Apple was going to take away from them, but rather the lack of information on the subscribers. They were worried that because users get to ‘opt in’ to giving up their personal information that nobody would do it. They were wrong. In fact, 50% of subscribers have been giving publishers their information.

Having that sort of basic subscriber info is necessary for publishers to do business. Now that they find Apple’s terms workable, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more and more magazines come over to the iPad with agreeable deals. Which is a very good thing for people like me who prefer to read (and kill my eyes) on a screen. [Forbes]

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Proposal for Magazine Companies

Magazine companies should overtly, deliberately, and systematically “cannibalize” themselves by offering to current print subscribers to “go green” by opting out of print issues and opting in to digital issues only, just like credit card companies have allowed users to opt for electronic only delivery of statements, saving millions in printing and postage costs, not to mention trees.

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brands are no longer what advertisers say they are

brands are now what consumers say they are and what they tell their friends

•78.2% of Germans are irritated by advertising, only 24% actually still watches it (GfK Marktforschung)

•54% of US consumers avoids products & services which “overwhelm” with advertising (Yankelovich Partners)

•85% of Chinese stop watching TV during commercial breaks. More than half change the channel, while the rest do housework, eat, chat or use the bathroom. (McKinsey & Co.)

• 91% of consumers are likely to buy on reccomendation (source:

Creating Buzz – Kameran Ahari Napa Consulting Group)

• Most influential information sources in purchasing electronic goods:WOM from friends & family 33%, newspaper coupons 25% magazines 4%, TV 4%, radio 3% (Source: CMO Council’s Retail Fluency Report, 2005)

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Dr. Augustine Fou is Digital Consigliere to marketing executives, advising them on digital strategy and Unified Marketing(tm). Dr Fou has over 17 years of in-the-trenches, hands-on experience, which enables him to provide objective, in-depth assessments of their current marketing programs and recommendations for improving business impact and ROI using digital insights.

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