Lavabit, supposedly Edward Snowden’s email service of choice, shuts down

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/08/08/lavabit-shuts-down/

It looks like Edward Snowden is going to have to find a new email service as the one he supposedly used — Lavabit — has abruptly closed its doors. The company’s owner, Ladar Levison, posted an open letter on the site today, saying, “I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit.” Levison also claimed to be unable to speak to the specifics surrounding the situation, stating that a Congressionally approved gag order prevented him from doing so. While Lavabit’s situation seems pretty dire, it might not be curtains just yet. In his message, Levison stated that he would take his fight to reinstate Lavabit to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. To read the missive in full, head on over to the source link below.


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Verizon begins collecting user data for targeted ads, is kind enough to offer ‘opt-out’ escape route

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/11/17/verizon-begins-collecting-user-data-for-targeted-ads-is-kind-en/

Verizon still wants to collect your personal information, but it’ll understand if you decide to opt out. Really, it’s cool. No hard feelings. The provider said as much yesterday, in an e-mail titled “Important notice about how Verizon Wireless uses information.” The missive, sent to all VZW customers, essentially lays out the company’s revamped privacy policy, originally unveiled last month. Under the new framework, Verizon will be able to monitor your browsing history, location, app usage, and demographic data, all in the name of targeted advertising and vaguely-titled “business and marketing reports.” The good news is that you can always opt out of the scheme, either by phone or online. The bad news is that you’ll probably have to explain the whole thing to your grandma.

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