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drag2share: How Amazon Is Trying To Create A Huge Mobile Business (AMZN)


amazonU.S. mobile commerce is exploding. Amazon, as a leading ecommerce site, is set to grab a big chunk of that.

But when it comes to mobile, Amazon’s ambitions are anything but limited to ecommerce.

Recent reports from BI Intelligence┬ádetail Amazon’s mobile ambitions, analyzing everything from the potential impact of a rumored Amazon smartphone to Amazon’s ability to become a huge player in mobile advertising.

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CHART OF THE DAY: Facebook’s Steadily Growing Mobile Ad Business (FB)


A year ago Facebook was going public.

At the time, one of the biggest worries about the company was its ability to handle the transition from the desktop to mobile. After all, it hadn’t generated a dime of mobile revenue.

Today, the company reported 30% of its ad revenue was mobile. That’s $375 million, up from $306 million, or 23% of ad revenue the quarter before.

The bulk of Facebook’s revenue is still coming from the desktop, which is worrisome. But, considering that its mobile business was non-existent last year, this is very promising.

facebook revenue chart of the day


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Google Is Now Doing Same-Day Shopping Delivery (GOOG)


Larry Page Google

Google has started testing a same-day delivery shopping service in San Francisco, according to the New York Times.

This could be huge for Google’s mobile consumer intent targeting strategy (dominated by search, currently).

The move puts Google in direct competition with Amazon, which has a more prominent reputation among consumers for online shopping.

It also strengthens its Google Offers product, by implication (which, in turn, is a threat to Facebook Offers).

Put same day delivery in context with Google Maps, which increasingly feature Google’s Zagat shopping results … and you can see how mobile same-day shopping might suddenly become a thing for Google — and the advertisers who want to promote products in that space.

Disclosure: The author owns Google stock.


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Why Windows Phone 8 Means The Blackberry Is Doomed


As Microsoft Corporate VP for Windows Phone Terry Myerson and others from Microsoft and Nokia took the stage at the Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco, it’s certain that there were nervous eyes watching the video stream from somewhere in Waterloo, Ontario.

While Microsoft is clearly targeting Google and Apple as its primary competitors with the Windows 8 phone features announced today, the company that has the most to lose with Microsoft’s full entrance into the enterprise mobile business is Research in Motion. Now in fourth place behind Android, iOS, and Symbian in market share, and with Microsoft starting to catch up, RIM was laying off thousands of employees just as Microsoft announced the enterprise-readiness of its next phone OS. And regardless of how rapidly enterprises embrace Windows Phone 8, Microsoft’s other mobile moves could deliver a knockout blow to RIM’s dominance of the enterprise.

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