Recommendations From Friends Are Most Influential but TV Still Ranks Highly


Nielsen-Most-Influential-Forms-of-Advertising-Sept2013So why do advertisers keep pouring money into TV, even amidst the rise of everything digital, and even as audience numbers plateau? If the preponderance of research is to be trusted, TV is among the most influential and most favored advertising media – if not the most highly rated. Following is a select list of studies touting TV advertising’s influence (most confined to the US), in reverse chronological order.

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drag2share: Men Are Buying More Grooming Products Than Ever


man looking in the mirrorMen are increasingly more likely to spend money to look good.

Products like hair serum and exfoliating scrubs are being sold to more men than ever, reports Matthew Boyle at Bloomberg News.

Global sales of men’s toiletries, not including razors, blades and shaving creams, will be up 5% to $17.5 billion this year, Boyle writes.

Companies are using clever marketing tricks to convince men their skin requires more maintenance.

“As a L’Oreal ad once warned: ‘You think you’re aging well? She thinks you’re letting yourself go,'” Boyle writes.

And even fashion designer Tom Ford is getting in on the trend.

Ford, who is a favorite of Justin Timberlake, recently introduced a purifying mask for men.

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Seven Ways Musicians Make Money From YouTube – Music

You'd think because "The Internet" equals "music piracy," your favorite pop stars would never make any money from those millions and millions of clicks on their YouTube videos. But YouTube is fast becoming a place — certainly more so than MTV (which rarely paid artists a cent ) — where fans can…

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Older Generations More Loyal to Brands in the Grocery Store


Acosta-Increasing-Store-Brand-Purchases-by-Generation-Sept2013Generational differences abound in grocery shopping behavior, reveals Acosta Sales & Marketing [download page] in a new report. The study indicates that younger shoppers tend to be less loyal to brands: 42% of Millennials (born between 1982 and the early 2000s) say they’re buying more store brands to save money, a figure that drops to 36% among Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) and just 26% of Silents (born between 1925 and 1945).

Although they make the most number of routine shopping shopping trips per month (4.1 on average), Millennials have the smallest average monthly grocery spend.

At $252.60 per month, Millennials trail Silents ($263.70) and Baby Boomers ($295.50) in average monthly grocery spend, with Gen Xers (born between 1965 and 1981) spending easily the most ($323.10).

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drag2share: REPORT: 100% Of Internet Users Could Have Ad-Blocking Software By 2018



Earlier this month, we told you about a report that found Google lost a whopping $887 million from ad blocking in 2012. A new study suggests that number might just be the tip of the iceberg.

In its latest report, the ad-block tracking firm PageFair found that 22.7 percent of ads on the 220 websites it looked at were blocked by browser extensions like AdBlock Plus. What’s more, PageFair said that if ad blocking continues growing at its current rate, the entire internet will be using some form of the service by 2018.

This is perhaps a bit over the top. As the New York Time astutely points out, PageFair makes money by helping companies avoid ad-blocking, so maximizing the threat is in the best interests of its bottom line.

Further, the data were collected only from websites that pay PageFair to track their ad-blocking rates, so it stands to reason that the websites surveyed were more likely to have been plagued by ad-blocking than the average publisher. Still, the report cited Google Trends data finding that searches for “adblock” more than doubled between July 2012 and July 2013.

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drag2share: Wall Street Is Punishing Adtech Players For Failing To Make Money (MM, VELT, MRIN, AUGT, TRMR)


If you’re looking for signs of the adtech bubble popping, then Ad Age may have found a couple for you. Three high-profile adtech companies went public in the last year and a half — Mobile ad network Millennial Media, online-ad provider Marin Software and video-ad server Tremor Video — and all have seen their stocks largely rejected by investors, even while the broader market rises.

Here’s a summary of public adtech stocks, based on their IPOs (or historic highs) and their current prices:

  • Marin Software: Debuted at $16.26, now languishes at $12.
  • Millennial Media: Debuted at $23.50, now at $9.67
  • Tremor Video: Debuted at $8.50, now at $8.36
  • Velti: Debuted at $15.58, now at $1.13
  • Augme Technologies: Hit $4.90 in 2003, now at 36 cents.

You could add Groupon into the mix too. It debuted at $26.90, and is now worth only $8.90.

All these companies are chronically unprofitable. The Velti situation is most worrying — its revenues are down too and the company is in turnaround mode.

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Digital Ad Agencies Sour on TV, Turn to Online Video


RocketFuel-Digital-Agencies-TV-and-Online-Video-Perceptions-July2013Digital ad agencies believe that the effectiveness of TV advertising is on the decline, and are making a move to online video, according to a survey conducted by Rocket Fuel among 149 digital agency professionals, the majority of whom directly authorize media spend. 8 in 10 respondents plan to spend more on online video this year, even as 60% recognize there are serious barriers to shifting money from TV to do so. Chief among those barriers? Building reach (58%) and prior budget commitments (56%).

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In Which Categories Are Lowest Prices Most Important to Women?


Ipsos-Womens-Price-Focus-by-Category-July2013There are many factors aside from price that women take into account when choosing a brand, according to results from the 5th wave of Ipsos MediaCT’s “Women, Power & Money” study, co-developed with FleishmanHillard and Hearst Magazines. Yet pricing is obviously important to shoppers, and while 91% of women agree that good value for the money is more important than price, there are a number of categories in which a majority feel that it is extremely or very important to get the lowest prices.

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The Paradox of Choice — Too Many Choices Can Paralyze


Jack Atley/Bloomberg News

The salad options at a Woolworths supermarket in Sydney, Australia. Too many choices can trouble consumers.

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