Apple Won The War Against Flash (ADBE, AAPL)


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Web video portal MeFeedia gathered data on 30 million videos from 30,000 sites and discovered 63% of them support HTML5, the format that allows people to watch videos on mobile phones and iPads.

This is interesting data because a year ago, there was a debate raging around Apple’s lack of support for Flash. Some people thought it might hurt the iPad. Obviously it hasn’t, and it looks like the web video industry is coming around to Steve Jobs’ way of thinking.

It’s also interesting because companies like Motorola and Research In Motion think offering Flash support for their tablets is a great way to differentiate themselves from Apple. Looks like it might not really matter in the months to come.

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Monday, March 7th, 2011 news No Comments

Netflix vs Blockbuster – Perfect example of an industry replaced by a more efficient version of itself

netflix blockbuster revenue graph

revenues of netflix versus blockbuster 2010

The chart of revenues below says it all. The beginning revenue of Blockbuster was $6 billion, while the ending revenue of Netflix is $2.2 billion.  When the inefficiencies of having retail locations, moving physical inventory, and maintaining overhead/staff are cut out of the ecosystem, far less revenue is needed to support the whole business.

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