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drag2share: Facebook developing brain-like AI to find deeper meaning in feeds and photos


Facebook News Feed diagram

Facebook’s current News Feed ranking isn’t all that clever — it’s good at surfacing popular updates, but it can miss lower-profile updates that are personally relevant. The company may soon raise the News Feed’s IQ, however, as it recently launched an artificial intelligence research group. The new team hopes to use deep learning AI, which simulates a neural network, to determine which posts are genuinely important. The technology could also sort a user’s photos, and it might even select the best shots. While the AI work has only just begun, the company tells MIT Technology Review th! at it sh ould release some findings to the public; those breakthroughs in social networking could help society as a whole.

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drag2share: CHART: How Big An Audience Does Paid Post Promotion On Facebook Buy?


The impact that any single marketer achieves thanks to paid promotion of a Facebook post isn’t typically made public.

Unless that marketer is the U.S. government.

Recently, a U.S. State Department program underwent scrutiny after spending over $630,000 on Facebook marketing over the course of two years, in a P.R. effort to attract foreign audiences to its Facebook pages and posts.

So how much added reach did the U.S. State Department achieve when they did pay up?

In an audit of the Facebook campaign, the U.S. State Department Inspector General revealed that with paid promotion, two posts from earlier this year gained a 1,000% larger audience than they would have attracted as unpaid media.

This analysis comes from BI Intelligence coverage of social media marketing, which includes our recent report that can be downloaded with a free trial, “Earned Media And Social Media: How Marketers Can Get Beyond The Hype.”


Why did the U.S. government spend so much on Facebook?

The Bureau Of International Information Programs, like many Facebook marketers, found itself having to fork over much more money after September 2012, when Facebook made chan! ges to i ts algorithm, which decides the posts that show up on user news feeds. (Facebook made similar changes more recently related to “story bumping,” which mean marketers have to compete with a greater number of older posts for user News Feed spots.)

The findings reveal just how high the stakes are for content marketers on Facebook as they try to decide whether to put dollars behind their content. If they don’t pay up, their audiences are significantly reduced.

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drag2share: The Best Days Of The Week To Post To Your Facebook Page


BII social bakersBest Days Of The Week To Post On Facebook (Socialbakers)
According to a recent study by Socialbakers, Monday is when Facebook Page managers have the most likely chance of generating engagement. Wednesday and Friday are also good days to post, according to the data.

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Facebook explains its News Feed post ranking process, rolls out story bumping feature to improve UX


Facebook explains its News Feed post ranking process, rolls out story bumping feature to improve UX

Have a love/hate relationship with your Facebook news feed? Sure, that feed serves up plenty of photos and posts from friends and family that you want to see, but there are also plenty of posts you could do with out, or posts you wish had been assigned greater importance. Facebook knows this, and is constantly tinkering and iterating its news feed post ranking processes to provide the most relevant stories possible to each individual user. To that end, Facebook’s rolling out a new feature, called story bumping, to better percolate the stuff you care about to the top of your feed. Story bumping has already been launched on the web, and will be rolling out to mobile in the coming weeks.

Previously, Facebook evaluated the most recent posts on the social network by assigning each post a score based upon a series of factors including: number of likes and comments, the relationship between you and the poster, the type of content, etc. Using those signals, Facebook runs them through a proprietary algorithm to determine a post’s score. News feed then displays the posts with the highest score at the top of the feed. However, this method often resulted in relevant posts being relegated below the fold, and those posts would forever be lost in the never-ending social story avalanche. Story bumping provides a way for such posts to be seen by tweaking the recency logic previously used. Instead of picking from the most recent posts, the system now looks for the most recent posts that have not been viewed by the user, so that those older, yet relevant posts get a second crack at showing up in the top of your feed.


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drag2share: Facebook Q2: Zuckerberg Delays $1 Million Video Ads That Will Kill TV (FB)


mark zuckerberg

The big question we’re hoping Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will answer on his Q2 earnings call is this: When will Facebook fire its broadside at the TV business by finally rolling out the first of its long-planned, not-yet-seen, $1 million video ads?

Our sources tell us that Facebook sales teams are pitching the ad units to big media buying agencies, and have gotten enthusiastic responses. It will happen, we’re told.

That means video ads on Facebook are coming to your news feed soon; news of them leaked in April. In an amazing coincidence, the ads will reportedly be 15 seconds long — the same length as an Instagram video (which Facebook also owns).

They might not arrive anytime soon, however.

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drag2share: How Marketers Can Take Advantage Of Facebook’s Graph Search (FB)


We asked Simply Measured, a social media analytics company, to walk us through a test case, using its own Facebook page as an example.

Graph Search prioritizes engagement from fans. So you need to identify the posts that get most engagement. This chart looks at the number of posts made on the Page, and the number of audience reactions (“stories”) to them. The more reactions — likes, comments, etc. — the more likely a post is to show up in Graph Search.

“People Talking About This” measures any type of engagement from people who’ve liked your page. “Stories” are any type of post that would show up in a fan’s News Feed where it can be seen by their friends. (Stories need not be reactions to your posts.) The more fans (and friends of fans) who like a page’s content, the higher the ranking on Graph Search, and the easier it is to target your content more effectively.

Demographics give you an idea of who’s reading you. In this case, the marketer should favor content targeted at women in the Northwestern states. Simply Measured is based in Seattle, so this makes sense.

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drag2share: Facebook on Desktop in Serious Decline



Facebook On Desktop In Serious Decline (BTIG Research)
Facebook page views from laptops and desktops in the U.S. are down 28% in April compared to April 2012. That’s a steeper year-over-year declne than in March when the decline in page views was 26% compared to March 2012, according to BTIG. As desktop usage declines more rapidly, the pressure will be on Facebook to drive mobile monetization. Read > 

Facebook Rolling Out Video Ads To News Feeds (Ad Week)
The world’s largest social network is now going after TV revenues with its plan to roll out video ads, the Financial Timesis reporting. It’s believed Facebook will allow advertisers to select four demographics to target with 15-second video ads (that means advertisers will have to decide whether they want to produce entirely new 15-second spots for Facebook, or shorten existing 30-second spots). The videos will likely be autop lay and mute by default, and expand to cover the width of the News Feed and part of the right rail. Testing will begin in July, according to the FT. Read >

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Facebook’s Mobile User Growth Continues, But There’s No Acceleration


Facebook now has 189 million mobile-only monthly active users, a 20% increase from the previous quarter, according to the company’s first quarter results announced May 1.

Mobile-only Facebook users access the site exclusively on tablets and smartphones and never see the desktop version of the social network.

For comparison, Facebook’s mobile-only monthly active users increased by 25% between the third and fourth quarters of 2012, and 24% between the second and third quarters of last year.

The site’s total mobile monthly active users or MAUs — the people who access the social network on a mobile device but may also log in via the desktop— reached 751 million in March, an increase of 10% over the previous quarter’s final MAU number. This sequential quarterly growth is roughly in line with past patterns throughout 2012, when MAU growth ranged between 11 and 13% between quarters.

In other words, Facebook’s mobile user base continues to grow impressively, but that growth is not accelerating.

Mobile advertising revenue — drawn from news feed ads, including beefed-up app install ads — now represents 30% or $375 million of Facebook’s total quarterly ad revenues, which is impressive given that mobile ad dollars were literally nonexistent only a year ago.

Click here for a larger version of this chart.

bii 1Q2013 mobile users

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Facebook’s New Friends-Only News Feed Will Still Have Ads


facebook news feed with sponsored postFacebook revealed its redesigned news feed today,

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drop photos, trials simplified Timeline and delivers new privacy controls


Facebook lets us draganddrop to upload photos, toys with a simplified Timeline

Anyone who’s returned from an event with a virtual armful of photos may have been frustrated with Facebook’s upload interface, which until now has involved a less-than-intuitive file browser. The company is quietly solving that problem: an update pushing out to individual users lets them drag-and-drop photos into a new post, like we’ve seen on other social networks, and to a newly streamlined Messages format that’s rolling out at the same time. A much smaller circle is seeing a second update. Facebook has confirmed to ABC News that it’s conducting limited trials of an updated Timeline that moves the news feed to a single column, replaces the thumbnail navigation with simpler-looking tabs and makes all profile page information available through scrolling. A spokesperson wouldn’t say if or when the new Timeline would reach the wider public, but history points to “when” being more likely. They did however mention that the new privacy shortcuts, activity log and untagging tool would be going live for all users starting tonight, and we’ve already seen them pop up on some of our accounts.

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Source: Inside Facebook, ABC News (1), (2)

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