Adobe announces Creative Cloud updates to Muse and Photoshop, team subscriptions and more


Adobe announces Creative Cloud updates to Muse and Photoshop, team subscriptions and more

If you jumped on the Creative Cloud bandwagon, you’re about to cash in one of the major perks of taking said leap. Keeping its promise to roll out new features to the aforementioned members first, Adobe has announced updates to Muse and Photoshop alongside Creative Cloud training materials and team subscriptions. Let’s hit the highlights, shall we? Muse can not only help you publish websites without writing a line of code, but the software now offers assistance with smartphone and tablet-friendly versions of desktop sites, too. As far as new features for Photoshop CS6 are concerned, conditional actions (if this, then that), expanded Smart Object support, improved 3D effects and default type styles all settle in on the tool bench.

Looking to opt in to Adobe’s software service for your entire studio? No worries, the company has also outed Creative Cloud subscriptions for teams — complete with centralized admin tools and expert support — for $69 per month. That’s not all. Less than a month ago, the wraps were taken off of Creative Cloud Connection for sharing all of those essential project files. Now, said functionality is being trotted out in proper fashion. From what we gather, this will be a Dropbox-esque affair complete with drag-and-drop functionality that extends across Touch apps, too. Clients can also view design files here, like those from InDesign, even if they don’t have the requisi! te softw are installed on their machines. If that wasn’t enough, training materials are on the way in the form of exclusive content for card-carrying members. Get all that? Good. For the full rundown on all of the new features, consult the full PR that follows.

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Newspaper Uses Photoshop to Make Syria Look Worse


Newspaper Uses Photoshop To Make Syria Look Even Worse SomehowThe Kronen Zeitung is Austria’s largest newspaper, with a daily readership of around three million people. Yesterday, those readers were treated to the image on the left of war-torn Aleppo, bombed out and desperate. Except, as one sharp-eyed Redditor points out, that wasn’t the scene at all. It was just another Photoshop job.

Just to be clear, the family in the photograph is, in fact, in Syria; the original photo (on the right) came from the European Pressphoto Agency. But merely fleeing a city ravaged by guns and mortars apparently isn’t quite dramatic enough on its own. The editors of the Krone—as it’s commonly called—needed this baby to sing.

Using Photoshop to make actresses and models look unrealistically attractive is bad enough. Using it to make a part of the world that has enough problems as it is look even more apocalyptic? That’s just disgraceful. [Facebook via Reddit]

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Adobe Muse is ready to let you design websites without the coding headaches for $15 a month


Adobe Muse is ready to let you design websites without the coding headaches for $15 a month

If you’ve been looking to get that web project off the ground but despise the idea of coding it, Adobe’s recently announced web design tool has just landed. Muse, the program that allows you to design websites without having to get your hands dirty with HTML5 is now available. The kit behaves more like a layout program (like InDesign) instead of a web publishing / programming tool, allowing those who are more design-minded to feel right at home. As you might expect, the software is available with an annual $49.99 per month Creative Cloud subscription alongside CS6 heavyweights like Photoshop and Illustrator. If Muse is all you’re after, you can snag it alone for a $24.99 month-to-month fee or $14.99 for a twelve-month commitment. Need to see it in action before you open your wallet? No worries. Hit the coverage link below for a look at what the application can do.

Adobe Muse is ready to let you design websites without the coding headaches for $15 a month originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 14 May 2012 14:44:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Create Your Own Bokeh Camera KitBokeh refers to blurry effects in photographs—purposely out of focus shapes that are creamy and wonderfully fuzzy. You can make your own bokeh with just some inexpensive black cardstock.

Create Your Own Bokeh Camera KitThis DIY lens hood and cap, dubbed the Circle of Confusion Shape Modifier, is similar to a previous one we’ve featured before, except this one lets you change out the “slides” or bokeh shapes easily—so you’re not stuck with just one shape. The tutorial at DIYphotography is very detailed: It tells you how to set up the grid in Photoshop or Gimp, create the squares and cutouts, and assemble it all together.

Check out the original article and the reader comments for a discussion of the techniques used to create the effects in the photos, such as setting your camera to the lowest aperture value. Enjoy making dazzling, beautiful photos!

DIY: Circle of Confusion Shape Modifier | DIY Photography

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Fulfill Your Dinosaur-Riding Fantasies for Only Fifty Bucks [Dinosaurs]


Fulfill Your Dinosaur-Riding Fantasies for Only Fifty BucksSo far science has completely failed to deliver a real Jurassic Park. Hate to be the one to tell you this, but you’ll never actually ride a Tyrannosaurus rex. Luckily, the geniuses at Dinoprints are really good at Photoshop.

For $50, Dinoprints will plop an image you upload onto an illustration of a huge prehistoric beast and print it out for you as a two by three foot poster. Dinoprints takes this business very seriously. The company provides detailed instructions on precisely how to take photos so the final product looks as real as possible, and the prints are supposedly rendered using the latest 3-D technology. If a T. rex doesn’t quite strike your fancy, you can also choose to ride a Spinosaurus or a wooly mammoth.

They should make a $5 Facebook-photo-size version. You know you’d buy the hell out of that. [Dinoprints via Nerd Approved]

Fulfill Your Dinosaur-Riding Fantasies for Only Fifty Bucks

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