Amazon Just Made Its Own Currency, Amazon Coins

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Amazon Just Made Its Own Currency, Amazon CoinsAmazon’s got a new way to buy stuff for anyone who has a Kindle Fire. Amazon Coins are a virtual currency that will come out in May, and work for all app and in-app purchases on the Kindle Fire.

The Coins will function exactly the same as real money, and developers will still get their standard cut. Amazon thinks it will help drive more business, and that makes some sense. Especially with apps and games for kids, it seems like a nice addition where you can maybe set up a Coins purse without allowing access to another payment method. And since Amazon will obviously never stop accepting real money—unlike virtual currency-only merchants like Xbox Live—you don’t have quite the locked-in headache here, either. [Amazon]

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A Real Quick Note On How Uber Is Doing It All Wrong In New York

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/a-real-quick-note-on-how-uber-is-doing-it-all-wrong-in-new-york-2012-10

maya uber

Johnnie Manzari recently wrote about Uber, the app that lets you summon a town car taxi in a blog post.

He wrote:

Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, was asked by a female friend why someone in New York City would use Uber when taxis were readily available. He replied “Why do you have a Louis Vuitton purse and not keep your things in a paper bag?”

Kalanick is wrong.

The only reason to use a black car in New York is that is raining, or that you are in an outer-borough, where there are no yellow cabs.

For example, black cars are a big business where I live, in Washington Heights.

On a Saturday night, for example, people call up dispatchers on their cell phones and get a black car to go out to dinner or whatever.

At the local movie theaters, black cars are constantly dropping people off. The famous Arthur Avenue in The Bronx is lined with them.

Anyway, Uber is missing out big time on this business.

If you open the app up in the Bronx or even way uptown where I am, it tells you there are no cars available.

That’s silly.

It should quit focus on being a fancy brand, and try to be something useful instead.

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Ladies, is that expensive Prada purse as popular as you think?

This infographic from the Digital Luxury Group shows the world’s most popular luxury handbags, based on 130 million internet searches.

World's luxury handbags

Now, check out these luxurious Hong Kong hotels >

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