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Airbnb Is Just Now Verifying Hosts and Guests


Airbnb is starting to offer something called Verified ID—meaning, it’s finally making user’s prove that they’re real human beings and not a robot or scam artist.

Here’s how it works: You can earn a verified badge by showing Airbnb a piece of your online identity—Facebook profile, Twitter account, or even Yelp reviews you’ve written—as well as a corresponding piece of real-world documentation like a scan of your driver’s licence or your passport. The name obviously has to match for you to get a badge.

A quarter of US users will be required to go through this process starting today, and eventually everybody will have to do it. If you want to go ahead and verify yourself, you can do that here. You’d think Airbnb would have introduced something like this by now, but better late than never. [Airbnb]

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drag2share: Shazam Is Driving $300 Million In iTunes And Amazon Sales


Shazam Is Driving $300 Million In iTunes And Amazon Sales

Feb 27, 2013


It’s a long time since Shazam was just that useful app to identify (or “tag”) music playing in the real world. In 2013, the company has a burgeoning business based around people tagging TV shows and adverts too.

Shazam recently announced a major milestone: 300m users. That’s all the people who’ve ever tagged something using the company’s app. An impressive figure, but not one that reveals what Shazam’s current active userbase is.

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OnLive Desktop may violate licensing agreements


Typically, when a product hits the market, you’d hope details like nitty-gritty licensing and IP would have all been worked out prior to going on sale. Of course, things in the real world are never that simple. Take for example, OnLive and Microsoft, which according the latter, says OnLive Desktop isn’t exactly in the clear when it comes to its remote Windows 7 slinging abilities. Clarified on Microsoft’s Volume Licensing blog, Joe Matz, VP of worldwide licensing, said the company is “actively engaged with OnLive” in the hopes of “bringing them into a properly licensed scenario.” When asked, an OnLive representative responded with: “We have never commented on any licensing agreements.” Sounds like it’ll all get resolved soon, but in the meantime do your homework kids — lawyers are expensive.

Microsoft: OnLive Desktop may violate licensing agreements originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 08 Mar 2012 22:56:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Treehouse Is an Elegant, Focused Online Learning Resource for Aspiring Designers and Developers [Teach Yourself]


Treehouse Is an Elegant, Focused Online Learning Resource for Aspiring Designers and DevelopersIf you’re looking to learn some new development or design skills, Treehouse can teach your the core knowledge you need. The site offers a focused look at the basics of object oriented programming, the principals of good design, and how to make an iPhone app.

The lessons take you through your topic of choice in video form, explain everything in clear and precise terms, and award you badges as you make your way through. If you’re willing to pay extra, you’ll also get access to project videos which will take you through the process of creating real-world projects from start to finish. I’ve been meaning to improve my pathetic Objective C skills and learn to develop for iOS but had yet to come across a set of lessons I really liked. After watching a few at Treehouse I was pretty hooked. If you’ve been looking to pick up one of these valuable skills as well, their lessons are definitely worth checking out.

Note: I made an error and initially thought Treehouse was free. First, sorry for the misleading information! Second, we still think it’s pretty nice. Pricing is $25/month for basic access and $49/month for premium. (More information here.) That’s about on par with our other favorite, Lynda. Lynda offers you far more topics but Treehouse has a nice focus (and, at the moment, a more up-to-date iOS course). Sorry again that I completely missed the cost of the service, but it’s still pretty cool and worth a look if it’s within your budget.


You can follow Adam Dachis, the author of this post, on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.  Twitter’s the best way to contact him, too.

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On Facebook, A Wal-Mart Employee Is More Valuable Than A Goldman Sachs Employee


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In the real world, using salary as a measure, a Goldman Sachs staffer is worth much more than a Wal-Mart employee. An average Goldman Sachs employee is paid a bonus of $500,000, while the average Wal-Mart employee salary is $20,000.

On Facebook, the opposite is true. In the eyes of an advertiser, a Wal-Mart employee is worth nearly twice as much as a Goldman employee, according to Facebook’s suggested advertising bid prices.

Kim-Mai Cutler at VentureBeat looked at Facebook’s suggested advertiser bid price on per category basis. What she found is pretty interesting. 

As you can see in this chart, the most expensive company to target is Facebook. The next most expensive is Wal-Mart. Goldman and Bain employees are duking it out for the cheapest.

chart of the day, suggested bids to reach facebook users employees of companies, june 2010

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Concept: Starbucks iPhone App – order ahead, pay, ready for pickup

a concept of how a brand can solve a real-world problem using a virtual app – the lines at some Starbucks are excruciatingly long; this app allows the user to order ahead, pay, and then just go pick up.

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Dr. Augustine Fou is Digital Consigliere to marketing executives, advising them on digital strategy and Unified Marketing(tm). Dr Fou has over 17 years of in-the-trenches, hands-on experience, which enables him to provide objective, in-depth assessments of their current marketing programs and recommendations for improving business impact and ROI using digital insights.

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