Foursquare Just Launched A Time Machine That Visualizes All Your Check-Ins


foursquare time machineFoursquare and Samsung just teamed up to launch the Time Machine.

The Time Machine beautifully visualizes all of your check-ins. It results in a really great trip down memory lane, and ultimately aims to help you discover new places.

The video seems to only show you places in the city where you’ve checked in the most. For me, that’s San Francisco.

But if you physically click through the Time Machine, you can see every place you’ve checked in to.


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drag2share: iPads Still Dominate North American Tablet Usage


tablet market shareiPads Account For More Than 80 Percent Of Tablet Use (Chitika)
The iPad family accounted for 81% of tablet use in the U.S. and Canada during April, up slightly from a few months ago. Kindle Fires accounted for the second largest share, followed by Samsung Galaxy tablets. In other words, even though Android took its first lead in global tablet market share last quarter (see chart, right), that’s not showing up in North American usage patterns. It’s likely that Android tablets are filling out the low-end of the tablet market in the emerging world. Read >

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Android and Samsung dominate the phone market in Q1


Gartner Android and Samsung dominate the phone market in Q1

If you’ve been following the trends, Gartner’s mobile phone market figures for the first quarter of 2013 won’t surprise. The research firm estimates that Android was on 74.4 percent of all smartphones sold in the period, with Samsung the key beneficiary of such dominance. While the Korean behemoth doesn’t release solid sales figures, Gartner believes its market-flooding strategy has paid off, topping the league with 30.8 percent market share — Apple has a firm grip on second place, with 18.2 percent, which is well ahead of LG, which has 4.8 percent. Samsung is also king of the mobile phone space, owning 23.6 percent of the market, ahead of Nokia, which has fallen to 14.8 percent share. Gartner’s research also found that feature phone sales are slowing, so we guess that it’s only a matter of time ! before t he humble candybar goes the way of the netbook.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: Gartner

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Octacore Exynos no better than Quadcore Snapdragon 600 – Samsung Galaxy S4

GS4 I9500 (Exynos 5) GS4 M919 (S600) GS3 I9300 (Exynos 4) HTC One (S600)
Quadrant 2.0 13,326 12,684 5,875 12,495
Vellamo 2.0 1,977 1,903 1,626 2,429
AnTuTu 3.2 28,167 26,143 10,344 25,140
SunSpider 0.9.1 (ms) 732 772 1,194 991
GLBenchmark Egypt 2.5 HD Offscreen (fps) 41 39 15 34
CF-Bench 20,800 28,111 12,922 25,267
AnTuTu 3D (on-screen) 8,144 5,618 N/A 6,099
3DMark (Ice Storm/Extreme) 10,179/6,383 11,145/6,656 N/A 11,495/6,775
Google Octane 3,730 2,265 N/A 1,524
Linpack (multi-thread) 563 655 N/A 567
Smartbench(productivity/gaming) 6884/3700 7265/2702 N/A 7,136/2,851
AndEbench (native) 12,600 14,228 N/A 6,808
SunSpider: lower scores are better; Linpack scores equal an average of 10 results.

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drag2share: MOBILE INSIGHTS: Android Tablets Overtake The iPad In Shipments Last Quarter


MOBILE INSIGHTS: Android Tablets Overtake The iPad In Shipments Last Quarter

May 2, 2013

Mobile Insights is a daily newsletter from BI Intelligence that collects and delivers the top mobile industry news. It is delivered first thing every morning exclusively to BI Intelligence subscribers.

Android Sees More Tablet Shipments In First Quarter Than Apple (Business Insider)
IDC’s latest data on tablet shipments confirms the trend we’ve been following: the steady gains of Android tablets around the world. Taken together, Android tablet manufacturers shipped more tablets than Apple in the first quarter of 2013. Apple was still the largest single manufacturer, with Samsung in second place. Microsoft shipped a respectable 900,000 tablets. A contrarian take: Greg Sterling of Opus Research points out that iPads still account for over 80% of actual usage — globally and in the U.S. — as measured by Web traffic. Read >

screen shot 2013 05 01 at 3.20.10 pm 1

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Android topped tablet share in Q1 at 57 percent, Apple led manufacturers


IDC Android topped tablet share in Q1 at 57 percent, Apple still the top manufacturer

We were expecting a changing of the guard among tablets given the rise of several competitors throughout in 2012, and we’ve seen just that in IDC’s market share estimates for the first quarter of 2013. The research firm shows Android having almost reversed the share it held a year ago, claiming the top spot at 56.5 percent; Apple’s huge spike in year-over-year iPad sales wasn’t enough to keep it from dipping to 39.6 percent. Microsoft’s estimated performance tells a more complex story, however. Its second quarter of Windows 8 and RT sales involved a big year-to-year jump as well, but it was also starting largely from scratch — the combined Windows platform was still tiny at 3.7 percent.

The pecking order remained mostly the same among individual manufacturers, although the charts here explain just why OS share shifted so much in the winter. While Apple remained comfortably in front with its 39.6 percent, just about every rival made a dent: Samsung, ASUS, Amazon and Microsoft all gained at least a small amount, even if no one manufacturer posed a major threat. IDC is providing shipping numbers that don’t necessarily reflect the on-the-ground sales, especially when everyone beyond Apple declines to report official numbers, but they suggest that tablets like the Nexus 7 and Surface Pro have found at least a small audience.

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Source: IDC

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MUNSTER: The iPhone 5 Got 5X As Many Tweets As The Galaxy S4 (AAPL)


iphone versus s4 tweets

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster did an analysis of Twitter reaction to the iPhone 5 versus the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The iPhone had 5X as many tweets as the S4 had on each phone’s launch day. Therefore, Munster believes, “that the standard iPhone will essentially maintain its market share in the high-end of the market through CY13 (low 40% worldwide).”

Heading into the S4 launch there was a lot of buzz that Samsung was catching up to Apple in cool-factor, and popularity. If you believe the results of this Twitter survey, it looks like Samsung still has a ways to go.

There’s one caveat: 73 percent of the iPhone 5 tweets were positive compared to 81% being positive for the S4. Munster thinks this was because, “the iPhone 5 was well telegraphed, thus some consumers may have been let down that there were no surprises.”

Overall, Munster says people should buy Apple shares because it’s going to announce a lot of stuff later this year which will get investors excited.

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Samsung mulls sale of Dutch e-ink display subsidiary to Amazon


Samsung mulls sale of Dutch EInk display subsidiary to Amazon

It’s not often that we hear of Samsung suffering from buyer’s remorse, but it looks like it should have kept e-ink manufacturer Liqavista’s receipt in the box-file marked “Important.” Bloomberg’s Person Familiar With The Matter(TM) believes Samsung is trying to flog the Dutch electrowetting display outfit it bought two years ago — back when such technology was the holy grail of screens. Now the Korean giant is looking for a sub-$100 million sale to Amazon, which might be able to use the tech in future iterations of the Kindle. When asked, a Samsung spokesperson said that the acquisition didn’t meet its expectations, which makes us sad for the future of e-ink devices beyond e-readers — now the folks at YotaPhone are our only hope.

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The iPad Business Is Collapsing (AAPL)


ipad mini

The strength of Apple’s iPad business is collapsing as lower priced, smaller tablets eat into sales, says Citi’s Apple analysts in a new note this morning.

The 9.7-inch iPad’s unit sales were only up 1.8% on a year-over-year basis in the fourth quarter, says Citi, citing IDC data. In developed markets like Apple and Japan, unit sales were actually down quite a bit.

The bigger iPad is being replaced by Apple’s iPad Mini, as well as the 7-inch tablets sold by Samsung and Amazon.

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iPhone up to 36 percent of US phone share in December, Android stayed put


ComScore Android's US phone share stayed put in December, iPhone up to 36 percent

There’s been indications that Apple staged something of a comeback in the US during the fourth quarter, owing partly to an iPhone 5-related spike. ComScore’s smartphone share data for December appears to bear that out. It estimates that the Apple claimed a 36.3 percent slice of the American market in the last month of 2012: that’s a noticeable boost from 35 percent in November, and two points up since the iPhone 5’s September arrival. Android remained on top at 53.4 percent, but it was once again unusually static, edging down from highs earlier in the year. Other platforms took their usual blows, although there’s no doubt some hopes for revival.

Just don’t anticipate looking for overall cellphone market share. ComScore has switched to focusing on smartphones, and it’s telling a different story than we’ve seen in the past. When only smartphones count, Samsung’s December share left it in second place, at 21 percent — still an increase over prior months, but not as large as Apple’s 36.3 percent. The biggest surprise is LG’s rise to 7.1 percent and fifth place, quite possibly due to the Optimus G and Nexus 4. Enough shifted that the market may be even less recognizable in 2013, for better or worse.

Source: ComScore

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