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An IT Flaw Has Let Unauthorized Users Exploit Army PCs for Years


An IT Flaw Has Let Unauthorized Users Exploit Army PCs for Years

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed reported that a computer security flaw in has left Army computers vulnerable for at least two years; today, the Army confirmed to Buzzfeed that this was, in fact the case. And that they have no plans to do anything to fix it.


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drag2share: Massive Tumblr Security Flaw Requires Everyone On iPhone, iPad To Change Their Password (YHOO, AAPL)


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Tumblr has asked all users of its app on iPhone and iPad to change their password and download an update of the social blogging software in order to cure a security flaw. The news came in a very brief blog post by the company that did not explain the extent of the security breach.

Tumblr did say in a footnote that passwords could be “‘Sniffed’ in transit on certain versions of the app.”

The flaw was reportedly discovered by a reader of The Register, who had been asked to screen apps for his corporate employer. The unnamed employee tested popular apps on the company’s wifi network, and found that password logins were being transmitted in a plain-text, non-encrypted way — and therefore were entirely visible to anyone clever enough who wanted to see them.

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Yikes! Oracle Issues Emergency Fix For A Big Fat Security Problem (ORCL)


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Oracle today warned customers that they need to fix a major hole in its flagship database or risk downtime and hacker attacks, reports Infoworld.

In a weird twist of events, the hole was actually found by Infoworld, a news site that covers the tech industry. Oracle even gave the publication a public credit for finding and reporting the hole — and waiting to publish the story until Oracle could issue a patch, which it did today.

The flaw had to do with time stamp technology that acts like an internal clock. This clock is the key to keeping data synchronized and safe. When multiple databases are linked together the clock could be manipulated to be inaccurate. This is one of those critical systems that was difficult to fix and affected a long list of Oracle’s products.

The critical patch sent out today fixes a whole bunch of other flaws, too. Some 78 holes will be patched across all of Oracle’s major product families.

Inforworld contends that Oracle executives knew about the time stamp problem and not only downplayed it, but issued a workaround fix that could have caused customers even more headaches and money. Oracle seems to have gotten its act together and really fixed the security flaw this time, Infoworld says.


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