Changes at LinkedIn Create New Marketing Opportunities – eMarketer


LinkedIn is a company undergoing massive transformation. It is moving from its roots as a business-oriented social network and becoming a business-to-business (B2B) content publishing platform, according to a new eMarketer report, “Marketing on LinkedIn: New Opportunities, but Old Issues Remain.”

With that change comes a variety of new ways companies can market and advertise, including native ads in the feed and PowerPoint-style ads using technology from SlideShare, which LinkedIn acquired last year.

The ad revenue picture for LinkedIn looks positive. eMarketer forecasts that worldwide ad revenues will reach $376 million in 2013, up 46.7% from last year.

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The Marketing Continuum from Traditional to Digital

All tactics have their place:

– traditional advertising is great at awareness

– digital and “second screen” are great in the middle of the “purchase funnel” during consideration

– mobile and “the third screen” are great in the bottom part of the funnel for loaylty and advocacy


traditional advertising, digital marketing

all tactics have their place from traditional to digital along continuum




See also “The Future of Advertising” slideshare by Augustine Fou

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Dr Augustine Fou Credentials 2012 @slideshare

Dr. Augustine Fou 2012 Creds Deck Short from Dr Augustine Fou

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Slideshare – Social Amplification Blows Up the Good, Bad, and Ugly

“Before you do ‘trial-and-error’ social media marketing, you’d better plan ahead and be ready for it to blow up – good OR bad. The opportunity for marketers is to leverage social amplification instead of sticking ads in social media sites.” – Augustine Fou
Social Amplification Blows Up the Good, Bad, and Ugly
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The Third Screen

In digital marketing, the third screen is often seen as the “holy grail” since it is a device that most users have with them 24/7. However, that doesn’t mean advertisers have the right to “spam” people at all hours with messages, no matter how targeted.


Slideshare on The Third Screen

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Why Flash is Evil

Why Flash is Evil! Slideshare by Tery Spataro and Augustine Fou, ranks #5 in about 4.7 billion results.

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Dr. Augustine Fou is Digital Consigliere to marketing executives, advising them on digital strategy and Unified Marketing(tm). Dr Fou has over 17 years of in-the-trenches, hands-on experience, which enables him to provide objective, in-depth assessments of their current marketing programs and recommendations for improving business impact and ROI using digital insights.

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