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Soda vs Pop Visualized


Soda Versus Pop, VisualizedThe route to answering the big questions these days—like, soda or pop?—is to grab a bunch of data from Twitter and analyze it. Which is exactly what Edwin Chen, a data scientist at Twitter, decided to do.

In the map above (click for a larger image) blue is soda, green pop and red coke. Chen explains how he went about the task:

To make this map, I sampled geo-tagged tweets containing the words “soda”, “pop”, or “coke”, performed some state-of-the-art NLP technology to ensure the tweets were soft drink related (e.g., the tweets had to contain “drink soda” or “drink a pop”), and filtered out coke tweets that were specifically about the Coke brand (e.g., Coke Zero).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the word “soda” is dominant on the coasts, “pop” in the midwest, and “coke” in the southeast. What’s interesting around the world map, however, is seeing that outside the US—particularly in Europe—the word “coke” has penetrated culture in a way that the words “pop” and “soda” haven’t. While that not only shows consumerism is alive and well, it’s also a nice little reminder of the power of Twitter data to not only provide hard numbers, but cultural insight, too. [Edwin Chen via Flowing Data]

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How low can you go? Poll of what percentage of people trust advertising


34%  of respondents 18 and up said soft drink advertising was the most trustworthy,

22%  said fast food advertisements rated most trustworthy

18% pharmaceutical companies

14% auto companies

13% financial services companies

If 1 in 3 or as low as 1 in 10 trust ads, even if they saw the ads, they are likely to ignore them or NOT base their purchase decisions on them. Imagine if you had spent a ton of money making the ad, and another ton of money to air or place the ad, how low the ROI would be, if any.

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