You Probably Can’t Tell the Difference Between This and a Theater Projector [Video]

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Sony's 4K Home Projector Eyes-On: You Probably Can't Tell the Difference Between This and a Theater ProjectorSony’s 4K projector was first announced last year, but they have the thing on display at CES this year. After getting to zone out in a pitch black room where the projector blasted the new Spider Man trailer at full resolution on a 182-inch screen, I’m sold on the idea.

What makes 4K exciting for the home is that it provides a sharp image for large display sizes. 1080p video is great on a 60-inch TV, but it’s not quite as amazing when you try to project a 100-inch image on a wall. But 4K is made for screens exceeding 100 inches. So how did it look? While watching the trailer, I swore I had just paid $75 for a movie ticket and a small popcorn.

Colors were rich and bright. Nothing was washed out. Small details, like wrinkles on people’s faces or textures on a building were sharply defined. I go watch movies because I love the large screen experience. If I had one of these things, I probably wouldn’t go to the movies anymore.

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Fading Stars, Hit Driven Stars, Flatliners, Rising Stars

search volume of various movie and television celebrities is driven by movie or television show; some are hit drive, others have sustaining power

Increasing and sustaining search volume – Megan Fox


Hit Driven – Emma Watson search volume goes with Harry Potter movie search volume, exactly


Spider Man Movie, Kirsten Dunst and Toby Maguire stars – search volume match exactly


Fading Stars – Jessica Alba has some search volume spikes around the time when movies come out, but there is an overall decline in baseline search volume over time.


Fading TV Show – in January of 2006 and 07 there was still significant search volume around the star of Fox’s 24. In 2008 and 09 there was not. Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert)


Flatliners – Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt search volume


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