These Were The 20 Most Popular Ads On YouTube In 2012


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There are the ads you have to watch — and the ads you actually want to watch.

From Snoop Dogg/Lion rapping about Hot Pockets to a Nike Football spot that got 20 million-plus hits in less than seven months, YouTube compiled a list of 2012′s best-of-the-best: The 20 ads that people actually chose to see, sometimes over and over again.

According to its blog, “The 2012 YouTube Ads Leaderboard celebrates the U.S. ads that most moved audiences through a winning combination of promotion (paid ads) and popularity (organic views). And with over 200 million combined views, it’s proof that if you make it great, they will come.”

While some agencies showed its endless ability to make viewing gold — Wieden + Kennedy had seven ads on the list including the top spot and four Old Spice ads — there were other smaller shops that also cracked the viral code.

20. Old Spice’s “Vending Machine” ad was viewed 3,885,113 times.

Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Media agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Uploaded 2/1/12

19. Old Spice’s “Bed” ad was viewed 4,245,346 times.

Creative agency: Wieden+Kennedy 

Media agencyWieden+Kennedy

Uploade! d 9/22/1 2

18. Fiat’s “House Arrest” ad starring Charlie Sheen was viewed 4,271,297 times.

Creative agency: Doner 

Media agency: Universal McCann

Uploaded 3/1/12

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Webcam Timelapses Used To Automatically Model Cities in 3DThe ability to see maps in buildings and landscapes in 3D makes following along considerably easier than with just 2D. So researchers at the University of Washington have made generating 3D models of a given location dead simple using custom software and nothing more than a webcam timelapse video of the spot captured on a sunny day.

As the sun moves across the sky it creates ever-changing shadows on every surface—from a towering skyscraper’s silhouette on the ground, to subtle architectural details. And by analyzing timelapse footage filmed across an entire day, the software’s algorithm is able to extrapolate the shape and positions of every structure in frame.

To work its magic the program does need to know the exact position of the camera using GPS data so it can calculate how high the sun was in the sky, and the time of day for every single frame. But once a scene is processed it’s able to spit out a 3D model that could then be added to existing databases such as the one used by Google in its map app. So eventually anyone who knows how to point a camera and hit record can make a contribution for the area where they live. [Washington University via NewScientist]

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PC shipments tumbled over 8 percent in Q3, only ASUS and Lenovo escaped unhurt


Gartner and IDC PC shipments tumbled over 8 percent in Q3, only ASUS and Lenovo escaped unhurt

We don’t often summarize market share in one word, but: ouch. Both Gartner and IDC have trotted out their preliminary estimates for PC market share in the third quarter, and the two agree that this summer was a dire one for the traditional computer. Outside of ASUS and Lenovo, whose price-focused strategies and key acquisitions kept them ahead of rivals, virtually every major vendor saw its PC shipments collapse versus a year ago, often by more than 10 percent. Total worldwide shipments declined by more than 8 percent in either estimate — enough to make a flat second quarter seem rosy by comparison. Lenovo took the top spot in Gartner’s study, although IDC is counting workstations and kept HP in its usual lead.

As for the US, it’s almost better that we don’t look. Gartner and IDC believe that the American market sank by respective 13.8 or 12.4 percent amounts, and the steep global declines repeated themselves in the one country for everyone but Lenovo. Even a market share gain for Apple came only because its shipments dropped at a gentler rate than most of its peers. Whether it’s the US or worldwide, don’t assume that inventory clearances ahead of Windows 8 were the only factors at work, though. Both research teams point to continuing world economic tro! ubles as influences, and IDC contends that buyers are still skipping PCs in favor of smartphones and mobile tablets. There’s often a jump in computer sales between the summer and the fall, especially with a new OS on the way, but we wouldn’t count on a return to the halcyon days.

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As Facebook announced its one billion-user milestone this morning, Mark Zuckerberg also unveiled its first-ever, agency created ad.

This premiere also served as the announcement that Wieden & Kennedy — creators of Old Spice’s “Man your man could smell like” and Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan —is the social media giant’s agency of record.

The 90-second spot, titled “The Things That Connect Us” is currently living on Facebook, is an emotional tribute that existentially discusses the things that connect people. Like chairs. “Chairs are like Facebook,” the ad states. It also says, “the universe it is vast and dark and makes us wonder if we are alone.”

Watch the spot below:

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