Super Bowl 2015 Advertising: Viewer Attitudes and Spending Trends



The Super Bowl is almost here, and NBC has reportedly sold out of ad space at a record $4.5 million per 30 seconds. This article provides a quick look at some of the research that has emerged in the past few weeks surrounding the event, including advertiser spending and consumer attitudes to Super Bowl spots.

According to a recently-released survey from the NRF, slightly more than three-quarters (75.8%) of American adults will watch the Super Bowl this year, with this figure having slowly climbed from 69.7% back in 2007. Men (83.1%) are more likely to watch than women, although almost 7 in 10 women plan to watch. When sorting by age group, the survey results also show that youth are more likely to watch than their older counterparts, with 83.1% of 18-24-year-olds expecting to tune in versus 66.8% of adults aged 65 and older.

Viewers will be spending on food and beverages and other items for Super Bowl Sunday, at an estimated $77.88 per person, the highest figure going back at least as far as 2007 ($56.07).

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